NFL picks against the spread for the Conference Championships

Last week's Divisional Round picks went 3-1 and might have been a clean sweep if Patrick Mahomes didn't get hurt. It helps make up some for a lousy Divisional Round. Playoff picks are 4-6 and today offers the chance to get back to .500 in this regard. All odds are from yahoo!sportsbook, with home teams [...]

NFL picks against the spread for Week 17

Coming off my worst picks, last week’s games went a bit better.  Hey one fewer loss is improvement!  Last week’s selections went 7-9, bringing the season-long total to 65-72-4.  Feels like the picks should get better as the season goes along but that hasn’t been the case at all.  But these picks didn’t start with [...]

NFL picks against the spread for Week 15

For the first time this season, the picks here ended up in the red in back-to-back weeks.  Last time out, the record was 5-8, bringing the season-long record to 52-53-4.  There’s a reason Vegas stays in business year after year after year.  But we’ll press on, hoping to avoid another losing week. All odds from [...]

NFL picks against the spread for Week 14

Before last week’s picks, there was complaining about the previous week being a sister kisser.  Well, a 6-9 week will make you long for the days of making out with a relative.  That brings my season-long record to 47-45-4.  Time to get back into the black this week. All odds are from yahoo!sportsbook, with home [...]

NFL picks against the spread for Week 13

My picks went 8-8 last week, bringing the season ledger to 41-36-4.  Time to brush off the sister-kisser and get back to a winning week.  Off to a good start with the Thursday night win.  Let’s keep the train moving forward. All odds from yahoo!sportsbook with the home team in bold.  This is for entertainment [...]

NFL Bills-Patriots pick

Want to pick tonight’s game but because I didn’t write this earlier, this week’s column will have to be in two parts. So, here at 7:43 p.m. Eastern, this will contain the Thursday pick and then this same space will be updated before Sunday with the rest of the games. Buffalo (-3.5) over New England [...]