Quirky Chatter Yesterday at 1:32 pm
Hello! Bad start to the year: national anthem is played and it’s just instrumental, no words….
this is Gus. Where do we put our name?
Gus Yesterday at 1:36 pm
Time to play ball!
Metsense Yesterday at 1:40 pm
hi guys
Gus Yesterday at 1:41 pm
Tis just me, myself and I, so far. Welcome!
Brian Yesterday at 1:41 pm
Gus click on the icon and you can change your name
But you’re a quirky chatterer
Gus Yesterday at 1:42 pm
I did. Did you see?
Brian Yesterday at 1:42 pm
Yes but only after I posted. Perhaps it will help Friendly Stranger
Gus Yesterday at 1:43 pm
I don’t see you before my quirky chatterer comment
Is it too early to itch about the lineup? Lol
Brian Yesterday at 1:43 pm
Hey, 1:43 we should be playing
itch away!
Metsense Yesterday at 1:44 pm
Gus Yesterday at 1:45 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:45 pm
Ex Mayor checking in for duty sirs.
Brian Yesterday at 1:45 pm
Click on your icon to change your name
Gus Yesterday at 1:46 pm
did you guys read that these prospects that have signed long term contracts aren’t eligible to get their team an extra pick if they win ROY?
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:46 pm
I mean caring soul, what could describe me more????? LOL
G U S !!!
Brian Yesterday at 1:47 pm
I’d buy the caring but not the 2nd word
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:47 pm
Gus Yesterday at 1:47 pm
Chris, is that you on The Athletic that posts as Chris F?
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:47 pm
Hey I got soul
it is not me. But I honestly see it every day and laugh.
Brian Yesterday at 1:47 pm
Even Richard Nixon has got Soul…
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:48 pm
JQ cant find home plate
Gus Yesterday at 1:48 pm
cause, whoever that is, is viscous!
Brian Yesterday at 1:48 pm
Neil Young
Gus Yesterday at 1:48 pm
Brian, you’re Brian J, right?
Brian Yesterday at 1:48 pm
One of them, yes
Gus Yesterday at 1:48 pm
I recognize your style of comments
Chris however, made me say “wow”, this guy cuts no slack! LOL
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:49 pm
Brian Yesterday at 1:49 pm
If anyone knows how to change our comment name there, please let me know
Names on jerseys look a bit bigger than in ST
Respecting the arm of Nimmo!
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:51 pm
Q is already in big trouble
Brian Yesterday at 1:52 pm
DP and we’re out of this
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:52 pm
i like this chat so far
Gus Yesterday at 1:52 pm
Mr. DP is at the plate.
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:52 pm
good job B for digging through this all AGAIN
Brian Yesterday at 1:52 pm
The old one is still alive but limits participation to 10 at a time. This one has a limit of 20
Gus Yesterday at 1:53 pm
Yes, kuddos!
Brian Yesterday at 1:53 pm
You can also private message people on the chat
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:54 pm
Baty for GG
Gus Yesterday at 1:54 pm
Like telling Chris on the side to stop dissing Wilmer Flores?
Brian Yesterday at 1:54 pm
First prediction of 2024 to come thru
Gus Yesterday at 1:55 pm
blind squirrel
Metsense Yesterday at 1:55 pm
nice play Baty
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:55 pm
Cmon you I know I love ol cement boots
Gus Yesterday at 1:56 pm
He is sloooooow
Kind Person Yesterday at 1:56 pm
Opening Day and hope springs eternal!
Brian Yesterday at 1:57 pm
Chris did you see my reply
ChrisF Yesterday at 1:57 pm
but i couldnt get back to chat easy
Brian Yesterday at 1:58 pm
On laptop there’s a column on the left side with the ability to switch between main chat and direct messages
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:00 pm
Ok go it iut
Brian Yesterday at 2:02 pm
Hey Metsese – how are you?
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:04 pm
Brian Yesterday at 2:05 pm
John From Albay just sent me the Syracuse roster
Scott starts in Triple-A
Test Chris, I see you
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:08 pm
Brian Yesterday at 2:08 pm
Middle infield looks good
Name Yesterday at 2:10 pm
Hey guys, checking in from citi field. My first mets opening day! Hoping we win as usual
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:11 pm
NAME!!! Bring Q some good pitches!!
Brian Yesterday at 2:11 pm
Hey Name – good to see you!
Right side ground out #1 for McNeil
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:12 pm
hes back to slap hitting
Name Yesterday at 2:14 pm
First run!
Brian Yesterday at 2:14 pm
Did that go over?
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:14 pm
MARTE is back baby!
by a foot
Brian Yesterday at 2:15 pm
Indeed. Nice to see!
Next thing your know, DJ ad Baty will homer, too
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:17 pm
dont go overboard
Brian Yesterday at 2:19 pm
Should tell that to Stewart
Metsense! Tell us something good
Metsense Yesterday at 2:21 pm
Well Stewart is on a Express train to Syracuse
Brian Yesterday at 2:22 pm
It’s his destiny
Hey Talkative Citizen – welcome and join i
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:24 pm
ha! He’ll be riding the dog latter today, bus leaves NYC at 5 pm with stops in New Paltz, Binghamton, and Cortland
Brian Yesterday at 2:26 pm
Quintana has settled in nicely
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:27 pm
Name settled him down
Brian Yesterday at 2:28 pm
I know it’s the second day but I’m surprised this is the only 1:00 game
Braves-Phils at 3:05 is only other afternoon game.
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:30 pm
is this yesterdays game or regularly scheduled
Brian Yesterday at 2:31 pm
Glad to hear Gary acknowledge that Bader can’t hit RHP
Metsense Yesterday at 2:33 pm
And it will want the Mets until they realize it
Brian Yesterday at 2:34 pm
Now we just need GKR to realize that Nimmo and McNeil were more valuable when they started to hit homers last year.
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:36 pm
never stops hurting us
Brian Yesterday at 2:36 pm
Well, the lead was nice
Hey Fortunate Creature – welcome
You can click on the icon next to your name to change your user name
Can’t believe Keith’s cat is over 20 years old
Good effort by Pete, if not results
Woodrow Yesterday at 2:41 pm
HRs and Ks are what it is about for better or worse
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:41 pm
Brian Yesterday at 2:42 pm
Wouldn’t mind seeing a few more Ks from Quintana
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:42 pm
or hits from the Mets
Brian Yesterday at 2:42 pm
Just like that – all I had to do was ask!
Woodrow Yesterday at 2:44 pm
Two or three runs this inning?
Brian Yesterday at 2:45 pm
Gary ragging on Gelbs – love it!
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:45 pm
mets K a lot
Brian Yesterday at 2:46 pm
Wind must be blowing out to RF and in to LF
Brian Yesterday at 2:54 pm
I’m not a big fan of the SB but the percent of success makes it silly not to run more than teams did last year.
ChrisF Yesterday at 2:55 pm
why dont you like SB?
its super exciting and shows the multidimensionality of skills for the game
Brian Yesterday at 2:57 pm
I’m not sure I can adequately explain it but it’s a gimmicky part of the game to me.
Metsense Yesterday at 2:59 pm
It wasn’t blowing that much Gary
Brian Yesterday at 2:59 pm
Exactly, Metsense
Woodrow Yesterday at 3:02 pm
Uh oh,HR?
Brian Yesterday at 3:03 pm
Is 33 a new number for Smith? Maybe it’ll change his luck
Ha! Gary talking about it now
ChrisF Yesterday at 3:04 pm
2024. Mets cant hit and starters go <5 IP hmmmm…… Metsense Yesterday at 3:05 pm Nice job Smith Brian Yesterday at 3:05 pm What did you pick for wins in the poll, Chris? Metsense Yesterday at 3:05 pm It is only early season Chris ChrisF Yesterday at 3:06 pm i dont recall the options Brian Yesterday at 3:06 pm 80 or under; 81-82; 83-84; 85 and up ChrisF Yesterday at 3:07 pm may be early Metsense, but its all too familiar im going with 81-82 Brian Yesterday at 3:08 pm That was my pick as well Metsense Yesterday at 3:08 pm Me too ChrisF Yesterday at 3:08 pm feels like. .500 team Metsense Yesterday at 3:09 pm And I feel it will be a struggle ChrisF Yesterday at 3:09 pm sad for Buddy, I hope he is finally at peace as with his family brutal AB for Alvarez Brian Yesterday at 3:12 pm Saving our hits for the sixth ChrisF Yesterday at 3:12 pm there ya go Metsense Yesterday at 3:12 pm I hope he increases his batting average and on base percentage this year Chris ChrisF Yesterday at 3:12 pm that would sure be nice for a goal Blissful Spirit Yesterday at 3:14 pm Hi, gang! ChrisF Yesterday at 3:15 pm the number of stadiums oriented so its full sun for OF really blows my mind. Brian Yesterday at 3:15 pm Hi Blissful! You can change your username by clicking on the icon ChrisF Yesterday at 3:15 pm Blissful, who are ye? Brian Yesterday at 3:16 pm ChrisF the number of stadiums oriented so its full sun for OF really blows my mind. So it should go to the hitters, instead? ChrisF Yesterday at 3:16 pm hitters dont look up and have a batters eye CharlieH Yesterday at 3:17 pm It is I, CharlieH Brian Yesterday at 3:17 pm Happy Birthday, Charlie! ChrisF Yesterday at 3:17 pm Hey Charlie! CharlieH Yesterday at 3:18 pm Thanks, Brian! Brian Yesterday at 3:18 pm Did you ever hear back from John C? CharlieH Yesterday at 3:19 pm I see “we” are again taking a Gandhian approach to the offense… Complete non-violence Brian Yesterday at 3:19 pm Hey, Marte put a hurting on a pitch CharlieH Yesterday at 3:20 pm That was nice shot, but that’s it???? Brian Yesterday at 3:21 pm Hard to do violence when you don't swing ChrisF Yesterday at 3:22 pm Empty the pen on game 1 Metsense Yesterday at 3:23 pm It is only a one-run game CharlieH Yesterday at 3:23 pm Gary Cohen just commented that Bader’s fly out to CF was one of the hardest balls off Perralta all day; it didn’t reach the warning track. ChrisF Yesterday at 3:23 pm its been sad CharlieH Yesterday at 3:24 pm 13 consecutive outs since Stewart’s BB ChrisF Yesterday at 3:24 pm this team is a hot mess at the plate Brian Yesterday at 3:24 pm Saving our hits for when Peralta leaves the game. ChrisF Yesterday at 3:24 pm you promised me the 6th Brian…THE 6TH Brian Yesterday at 3:25 pm I thought they'd hit against the bullpen - my bad CharlieH Yesterday at 3:25 pm He was up over 60 pitches in the 4th. He just cracked 90 in the 7th. You could say he’s outpitched Quintana, a little bit, yes? Brian Yesterday at 3:25 pm Mets with 4 balls hit harder than Bader's ChrisF Yesterday at 3:26 pm just a little Charlie Woodrow Yesterday at 3:26 pm Sheesh,are they going to score three runs? Brian Yesterday at 3:27 pm Welcome Friendly Guru You can click the icon and change your user name CharlieH Yesterday at 3:27 pm Jorge Lopez… sigh… Brian Yesterday at 3:28 pm Gary talked about Mendoza learning to use his pen. My advice is not to use Smith and Lopez when the game is close. CharlieH Yesterday at 3:28 pm And now the defense is faltering. Woodrow Yesterday at 3:29 pm You know if they can’t hit… ChrisF Yesterday at 3:30 pm man WTH happened in the past 2 min Brian Yesterday at 3:31 pm What happened? Jorge Lopez happened CharlieH Yesterday at 3:31 pm So they turn a DP in 1st I thought they never would & miss one in 7th I thought was a sure thing. ChrisF Yesterday at 3:31 pm were gonna see the whole pen today CharlieH Yesterday at 3:31 pm Shows you how much I know… Brian Yesterday at 3:32 pm It would be great if we saw Diaz ChrisF Yesterday at 3:32 pm just for fun CharlieH Yesterday at 3:32 pm Not unless they put up a 3-spot over the next 2 innings. Brian Yesterday at 3:32 pm Would the play the trumpets if he came in with the team down 5? Metsense Yesterday at 3:32 pm Lopez is a reclamation project and there are too many in this roster ChrisF Yesterday at 3:32 pm Raid so Metsense afraid Brian Yesterday at 3:33 pm The guy's had 2.5 good months in his career. ChrisF Yesterday at 3:34 pm maybe if we flip the script and lose opening day we will do better in th eseason CharlieH Yesterday at 3:35 pm Like in ‘84! I like it! OK, Pete… earn your next contract… Woodrow Yesterday at 3:37 pm When did they trade MeGill Metsense Yesterday at 3:37 pm Maybe a McGill will lose today Brian Yesterday at 3:37 pm It's his brother CharlieH Yesterday at 3:37 pm That is not the way. Cleanup hitter bunting. What game is this? Woodrow Yesterday at 3:38 pm and DH is batting 7th Brian Yesterday at 3:38 pm Guy walks on 5 pitches and next two batters offer at 1st pitch CharlieH Yesterday at 3:38 pm Yup. Brian Yesterday at 3:41 pm crank up the WP offense ChrisF Yesterday at 3:41 pm H oh SHIT CharlieH Yesterday at 3:41 pm Close, but no cee-gar… Brian Yesterday at 3:44 pm Is everyone getting kicked out of the chat or just looking something else up? ChrisF Yesterday at 3:44 pm Just silent CharlieH Yesterday at 3:44 pm I hope Tonkin can resolve the gulf in the Mets’ bullpen… ChrisF Yesterday at 3:45 pm i like the new windbreaker Mendoza is wearing CharlieH Yesterday at 3:45 pm (I’ll see myself out) Brian Yesterday at 3:45 pm I'm getting all of these notifications of so and so leaving the chat. Are you getting notifications of me leaving? ChrisF Yesterday at 3:45 pm no Brian Yesterday at 3:45 pm Just trying to understand how the software works. CharlieH Yesterday at 3:45 pm No Brian Yesterday at 3:46 pm We can get Yelich out Metsense Yesterday at 3:46 pm I'm here just like the Mets offense Brian Yesterday at 3:47 pm I'm laughing because it's too painful to cry ChrisF Yesterday at 3:47 pm indeed Brian Yesterday at 3:48 pm Use one of our challenges on that ball 4 call CharlieH Yesterday at 3:48 pm Oh, come on. ChrisF Yesterday at 3:48 pm this game has that feeling of June CharlieH Yesterday at 3:48 pm Sit the f down, everybody. ChrisF Yesterday at 3:49 pm good grief CharlieH Yesterday at 3:49 pm OK Hoskins needs one in the ear. ChrisF Yesterday at 3:50 pm that was shitty slide - MCL injury very possible there CharlieH Yesterday at 3:50 pm Isley taught Hoskins well, I see. Utley ChrisF Yesterday at 3:51 pm almost Brian Yesterday at 3:51 pm I'd be surprised if they ruled against the Brewers. But McNeil has a right to be upset. CharlieH Yesterday at 3:51 pm Next time up, Hoskins goes down. Brian Yesterday at 3:52 pm Wow - quick review OK, let's get back at them with some runs CharlieH Yesterday at 3:54 pm Now, let’s score some bleedin’ runs, shall we? Metsense Yesterday at 3:55 pm It was a dangerous but legal slide ChrisF Yesterday at 3:55 pm Wonder if the Mets have ever been 1-hit on opening day CharlieH Yesterday at 3:57 pm JD can’t get here fast enough… ChrisF Yesterday at 3:57 pm yuk day late and a dollar short on that swing thanks for answering my question Gary Brian Yesterday at 3:59 pm 106.2, Keith CharlieH Yesterday at 4:00 pm Wave at everything. ChrisF Yesterday at 4:00 pm Baty and his whistling balsa wood bat Metsense Yesterday at 4:00 pm But it was a sweet swing CharlieH Yesterday at 4:00 pm Baty over Vientos, huh? Yes, I’m 2nd guessing; I admit it. Nice Character Yesterday at 4:01 pm It’s the hitting.. Brian Yesterday at 4:01 pm Baty needs 200 consecutive PA in AAA CharlieH Yesterday at 4:04 pm Didn’t Bauers homer at Citi in the Subway Series last year? Not a bad outing for Tonkin ChrisF Yesterday at 4:06 pm Agreede Brian Yesterday at 4:06 pm Indeed. Now PH for Bader Metsense Yesterday at 4:06 pm Tonkin is what the Met s bullpen needed are multiple inning picture that is reliable CharlieH Yesterday at 4:08 pm Nader is in there. Bader Damn Brian Yesterday at 4:10 pm get some wheels, Bader CharlieH Yesterday at 4:11 pm Tip your cap. ChrisF Yesterday at 4:11 pm Ugly ugly game CharlieH Yesterday at 4:11 pm Hung up too long Brian Yesterday at 4:12 pm Two line drives with nothing to show for Nimmo CharlieH Yesterday at 4:12 pm 1 hit, 2 walks. That’s it. Not gonna win that many that way. ChrisF Yesterday at 4:13 pm out with a whimper Outgoing User Yesterday at 4:13 pm Not a great start but they hit the ball Well. kudos to Marte CharlieH Yesterday at 4:13 pm Well, gentlemen, it’s been fun grousing with y’all. Brian Yesterday at 4:14 pm Thanks for the chatter - hope basketball goes better tonight ChrisF Yesterday at 4:14 pm Good luck with the game review B. It’ll be short Metsense Yesterday at 4:14 pm t they weren't shut out CharlieH Yesterday at 4:14 pm LOL ChrisF Yesterday at 4:14 pm cheers all Metsense Yesterday at 4:14 pm Thanks for the chatter have a pleasant night

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