Name Yesterday at 3:33 pm
everything hard is finding gloves
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 3:36 pm
afternoon beleaguered Mets fans
I missed the seat time on this by 8 inning
Metsense Yesterday at 3:41 pm
Trouble again
Name Yesterday at 3:42 pm
Amazing Legend
I missed the seat time on this by 8 inning you didn’t miss much
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 3:43 pm
so it seems
Im not taking these 9th inning runs on my mWAR
Metsense Yesterday at 3:44 pm
It was inevitable
Brian Yesterday at 3:44 pm
middle-middle changeup — what could possibly go wrong?
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 3:44 pm
is this a no hitter?
Brian Yesterday at 3:45 pm
Nola perfect thru 5
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 3:46 pm
And Mets apparently ugly through 9
Metsense Yesterday at 3:46 pm
Mets futile thru 8
Brian Yesterday at 3:46 pm
An OF who wasn’t afraid of the wall makes that catch
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 3:47 pm
friggin clown show
wendle narvaez nimmo. lol
Metsense Yesterday at 3:49 pm
That wasn’t a good play no matter what happened
Brian Yesterday at 3:50 pm
I wanted to PH for Narvaez last time he came up when he was the tying run. Now it’s 4-0 and he’s batting 2nd
Metsense Yesterday at 3:50 pm
McNeil Stewart Nimmo
Brian Yesterday at 3:50 pm
let’s hope
Albert s Yesterday at 3:52 pm
May be they score and avoid the shut out
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 3:55 pm
McNeil needs time off
Name Yesterday at 3:55 pm
they avoided a Maddux!
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 3:55 pm
a 48 mph texas leaguer double
Brian Yesterday at 3:56 pm
He didn’t start
That foul ball was probably the best swing he’s had in 2 weeks
Metsense Yesterday at 3:57 pm
He scorched it
Brian Yesterday at 3:58 pm
Marte already has a hit today. Guess we root or a walk
2-hit game!
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 4:00 pm
man, this team is not good.
Brian Yesterday at 4:01 pm
If yesterday was disappointing what’s today? Apathetic?
Metsense Yesterday at 4:01 pm
1-4 home stand
Name Yesterday at 4:01 pm
slowly inching their way to 100 losses
Albert s Yesterday at 4:01 pm
They can’t hit
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 4:01 pm
they can’t hit. that pretty much covers it
year after year we see the same infection that spreads through the whole team
Metsense Yesterday at 4:02 pm
Like Brian said It is time to make some moves
Amazing Legend Yesterday at 4:03 pm
yeah, its time to get the DFA hammer out
Metsense Yesterday at 4:06 pm
Smith, Vientos, Iglesias promoted Ramirez,Wendle DFA BaTy AAA
Thanks For the chatter Have a pleasant afternoon