If Monday’s loss to the Phillies was the most disappointing one of the year, Tuesday’s 4-0 setback needs a tag, too. It felt like both teams were playing hungover for the majority of the game. Hungover? Apathetic? Impotent? Those all seem like good descriptions of the Mets’ play in this game.

You could say the big difference in this game was walks. Aaron Nola didn’t walk a batter and he pitched a complete game. Jose Butto had four walks and was pulled after five innings. And Mets’ relievers added four walks in the final four frames.

But the Mets didn’t have a baserunner in the first five innings.

Maybe it’s just a continuation of the season-long Citi Field struggles. But if the offense doesn’t snap out of it with a visit to a hitter-friendly park in Philadelphia, it will be time for something drastic, regardless of how much money is at stake.

And the pitchers need to throw more strikes.

8 comments on “Gut Reaction: Phillies 4, Mets 0 (5/14/24)

  • T.J.

    The homebound Mets make another good pitcher look like a hall of famer. Yeah, a guy like Nola can have a really good start at any point, but in today’s game, have an opponent come in to your how and throw a complete game shutout, and go 3 up 3 down the first five innings…that’s kind of an embarrassment.

    I think the only difference between the starters today is that Butto was facing the Phillies and Nola was facing the Mets. The Mets can’t get to Philadelphia fast enough.

  • NYM6986

    Another disappointing game with little offense and way too many walks. Can’t win with that combination. Phillies scoring on a bases loaded hbp and then a walk is unconscionable. Omg just throw strikes. Not sure how to fix it. Starting to think we will be sellers at the deadline and further stock the farm system. Not sure Senga and Alvarez can right the ship. Which Quintana will show up tomorrow?

  • ChrisF

    Looking like Vientos up and Wendle out via DFA.

    • TexasGusCC

      No backup second baseman? Makes no sense. Too, why have Vientos ride the pine?

      Baty dropping that rundown lob from Narvaez was comical. Nara expect showed his heads-up grabbing the loose ball and spinning to throw to Alonso. And, Bohm’s double landing just inside the line… living well in Philadelphia!

      I didn’t see the game, as there was no way I had an ounce of interest in me after last night, but those of you that did deserve recognition.

  • Woodrow

    Gotta think Vientos isn’t riding the pine,he’s playing 3B. More important than no backup 2B is no backup SS. They go from having 2 of 4 subs being good field no hit backup infielders to having no back up middle infielders.

  • Mike W

    Doubles, the Mets are in a three way tie for the decond fewest doubles in the National League. I consider that a doubles problem. Good hitters throughout MLB history always hit a lot of doubles.

    What gets you a lot of doubles, hard hut line drives in the gap. Not enough for a home run, but enough to be standing on second and maybe driving in a run or two.

    Bohm has 16, Contreras has 13 and Freeman has 12.

    Alonso has eight and Nimmo has seven. Thats 32 for Alonso and 28 for Nimmo for a whole season.

    We need some line drive hitters.

    • TexasGusCC

      But Mike, check out their cool OPS…

  • Metsense

    Gut Reaction: the offense isn’t consistent, unless not getting a hit in the first five inning the definition of consistency. This team as no consistent offense spark. They are boring. The pitching is good but the walks and HBP are excruciating. Stewart, Taylor and Vientos should have more playing time. McNeil is should a backup in Iglesias to share second base.

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