Brian Yesterday at 4:04 pm
Nimmo batting third today with Lindor leading off
Boo Yesterday at 4:12 pm
Rejiggering the batting order,11 out of 44 games have scored 1 or fewer runs!
Brian Yesterday at 4:13 pm
And Nimmo’s first time batting 3rd this year comes with two runners on
Boo Yesterday at 4:14 pm
Mendoza shaking things up
Metsense Yesterday at 4:16 pm
I like Mendoza Shaking up the Line up because They are not consistently winning
Boo Yesterday at 4:16 pm
or hitting
Brian Yesterday at 4:17 pm
A lead!
Metsense Yesterday at 4:18 pm
Brian Yesterday at 4:18 pm
and Vientos does likewise
Metsense Yesterday at 4:19 pm
Brian Yesterday at 4:20 pm
crank up the HBP offense
Metsense Yesterday at 4:20 pm
Let’s get Runs cash in
Brian Yesterday at 4:21 pm
Bader channel Marte with that swing
Metsense Yesterday at 4:23 pm
Golden opportunity Wasted
Boo Yesterday at 4:26 pm
Two runs
Metsense Yesterday at 4:26 pm
And 3 left on
Boo Yesterday at 4:30 pm
Maybe they get hot again and play well for ten or fifteen games
Metsense Yesterday at 4:33 pm
Miami connect uniforms are nice
Brian Yesterday at 4:34 pm
Alonso chases low and Lindor chases high
Metsense Yesterday at 4:35 pm
Does Lindor ever hit the high fast ball?
Brian Yesterday at 4:36 pm
I wish that was something that was easy to check. You could do it but you’d have to go thru each PA for each game to find out
It feels to me like many more Ks than hits on those high pitches
Metsense Yesterday at 4:36 pm
He chases outside of the strike zone
Lead off walk
That is trouble
And the walk scores
Brian Yesterday at 4:45 pm
Severino has been way, way better than what I expected. Still, I never feel good when he’s on the mound.
“The roosters have taken over the facility.” you never know what you’ll hear on a baseball broadcast
happy for Vientos
Metsense Yesterday at 4:53 pm
I didn’t like the signing Of severino For a lot of reasons. But he Has been good
Brian Yesterday at 4:55 pm
Blows a 2-0 lead
Metsense Yesterday at 4:55 pm
Vientos At least Gets XBH
Imanaga was A player that I wanted to sign
And he was cheap
I saw a game in the astrodome
1973 i think
Brian Yesterday at 5:03 pm
I did a tour of the Astrodome with my parents – probably a few years after that.
brain fart by the Marlins’ 3B
Those running Mets
Metsense Yesterday at 5:05 pm

Boo Yesterday at 5:06 pm
Here’s a chance
Metsense Yesterday at 5:06 pm
So let’s cash in
Productive out Thanks Jeff
Metsense Yesterday at 5:18 pm
HBP offense
Brian Yesterday at 5:21 pm
rally without a hit
Metsense Yesterday at 5:21 pm
So let’s get a hit
Name Yesterday at 5:23 pm
a lead!
and now bases juiced
Brian Yesterday at 5:24 pm
Gotta do better with the bases loaded this time
Boo Yesterday at 5:25 pm
Need a hit!
Name Yesterday at 5:25 pm
Gotta do better with the bases loaded this time what happened last time?
Brian Yesterday at 5:25 pm
Unfortunately, it’s Bader coming up again. Maybe he can not strike out this time.
Metsense Yesterday at 5:25 pm
This time I hit should score a run
Brian Yesterday at 5:26 pm
Bader K, McNeil fly out
Metsense Yesterday at 5:26 pm
Let’s cash in
This time
Boo Yesterday at 5:27 pm
wow,did Bader not give your kid an autograph or something
Name Yesterday at 5:28 pm
Brian Yesterday at 5:28 pm
Name Yesterday at 5:28 pm
my mWAR just went up!
Metsense Yesterday at 5:28 pm

Name Yesterday at 5:31 pm
a blowout win, finally
Brian Yesterday at 5:31 pm
That’s our road hitting
Metsense Yesterday at 5:31 pm
Name Yesterday at 5:32 pm
even Nido hits
Boo Yesterday at 5:32 pm
How about a win streak,build on this game,4-5 win streak
Brian Yesterday at 5:33 pm
I was surprised the other day with the xwOBA look that showed Nido was hitting the ball hard enough to have better results.
Metsense Yesterday at 5:36 pm
That’s why he Hits into DPs
I was also surprised Brian
Boo Yesterday at 5:37 pm
He can bunt good
Metsense Yesterday at 5:39 pm
Another Lead off walk
Boo Yesterday at 5:40 pm
Severino and Bader our Yankee exes
Name Yesterday at 5:40 pm
well, instead of getting released, Severino might bring back a crappy prospect this summer
Boo Yesterday at 5:41 pm
Wow,have you been watching,he’s the best starter
Name Yesterday at 5:42 pm
that’s really not saying much about this group. they were expected to be bad
Boo Yesterday at 5:42 pm
I mean the starters aren’t that good but he’s probly the best.
Metsense Yesterday at 5:43 pm
Severino Could get a good Prospect. It would be tough to deal him but …
Senga, Scott, Butto, Tisdale, MeGill, Manae, 2025
Boo Yesterday at 5:48 pm
Remember they got Acuna,Gilbert and Clifford last dadline
Brian Yesterday at 5:49 pm
I was looking to see if Severino had a no-trade clause. Nothing listed on that by Cot’s but he does have performance bonuses for 27, 29 and 31 games started. No wonder the Mets keep calling up pitchers to give starters extra days of rest
Metsense Yesterday at 5:50 pm
They can’t Trade him until Half the season Because He was a free agent
Name Yesterday at 5:52 pm
when did they institute that rule?
Metsense Yesterday at 5:52 pm
I read that somewhere. But it can be waived
Probably MLBTR
Name Yesterday at 5:55 pm
didn’t the Padres just trade that FA pitcher from Korea for Arraez?
Metsense Yesterday at 5:56 pm
He is 30 years old maybe extended him 4/80
Boo Yesterday at 5:59 pm
You’re signing Severino for four years?
Metsense Yesterday at 6:00 pm
I’m not but they might and you have to give him Something
Brian Yesterday at 6:00 pm
I can’t find anything specifically related to trading recently signed free agents.
Metsense Yesterday at 6:01 pm
I could be wrong But I’ll look also later
Name Yesterday at 6:01 pm
it’s still mid-May. still a chance he reverts back to form in summer and gets released
Brian Yesterday at 6:01 pm
If you find something, please post it in the Open Thread
Metsense Yesterday at 6:03 pm
Will do…..dinnertime now
Brian Yesterday at 6:03 pm
Unless you find it before the game ends – then post it here
Boo Yesterday at 6:04 pm
Free Agents can be traded June 15
Brian Yesterday at 6:06 pm
Name Yesterday at 6:06 pm
Any Club signing a contract with a Player under this Article XX(B) after the expiration of the Quiet Period described in subsec109 tion 2(b) above may not assign his contract until after the next June 15. However, notwithstanding the foregoing, such contract may be assigned for other Player contracts and/or cash consideration of $50,000 or less prior to the next June 16 if the Player gives written consent to such transaction
from the cba :
Brian Yesterday at 6:06 pm
Name Yesterday at 6:08 pm
i would imagine consent is usually not a problem though. if a team wants to trade you before June it usually means you’re on a crappy team
non-QS for Severino
Brian Yesterday at 6:10 pm
ERA went up from 3.00 to 3.31
Name Yesterday at 6:11 pm
still responsible for 1 more
Brian Yesterday at 6:13 pm
3.94 FIP
Boo Yesterday at 6:13 pm
Oh oh
Name Yesterday at 6:14 pm
Severino’s run scores
Boo Yesterday at 6:14 pm
you don’t think
Brian Yesterday at 6:15 pm
Make that a 3.48 ERA
Name Yesterday at 6:16 pm
i half-heartedly wanted the game to get tied so Reed could be eligible for the win
Boo Yesterday at 6:21 pm
who thinks they need another run or two?
Brian Yesterday at 6:22 pm
They need enough runs so that they don’t put Diaz into the game
Boo Yesterday at 6:24 pm
Bader,Severino and now Diaz,anybody on this team you like
Brian Yesterday at 6:24 pm
More people on the team that in the chat
Mets catch a break with the out call being upheld
Name Yesterday at 6:28 pm
the battle of the Ott’s
Otta wins
Boo Yesterday at 6:31 pm
One more run and we all feel a lot better
Brian Yesterday at 6:34 pm
Nimmo rips one
JDM comes thru
Boo Yesterday at 6:38 pm
We can all relax now
Name Yesterday at 6:39 pm
is 3 enough to relax with Diaz?
Brian Yesterday at 6:40 pm
sit down, Diaz
Name Yesterday at 6:40 pm
now we can relax
Diaz probably needs a low leverage outing though
Boo Yesterday at 6:44 pm
Walker,Hartwig or Diaz. As much as Gary worries about the BP it seems silly to bring in Diaz
Name Yesterday at 6:46 pm
man you’re more confident in Diaz than Diaz himself probably is.
i don’t think a lower leverage outing is silly after 2 straight bad blown saves
Boo Yesterday at 6:47 pm
He throws 20 pitches and tomorrow we hear he’s not available
Name Yesterday at 6:49 pm
Diaz not available is a good thing with the way he’s pitching
Boo Yesterday at 6:52 pm
Man,I miss the trumpets
Metsense Yesterday at 6:55 pm
Name, thanks for the research.
Name Yesterday at 6:56 pm
like i said save tomorrow and the last person i want to see is Diaz
Metsense Yesterday at 6:57 pm
So also they can’t DFA a free agent either?
Name Yesterday at 6:57 pm
you can absolutely DFA a free agent, the Mets may want to do so with Diaz
guess no one is here to see the meltdown
Metsense Yesterday at 6:59 pm
What is going on?
Brian Yesterday at 6:59 pm
Sorry was just confirming that Albert and Boo are the same person
If only they sat down Diaz like I wanted them to
Metsense Yesterday at 7:00 pm
This is the reason why I don’t like The world baseball classic!
Name Yesterday at 7:01 pm
5.50 ERA for Diaz, mirrors his 5.59 ERA in 2019
Metsense Yesterday at 7:02 pm
Heck with the trumpets He needs bagpipes Like a funeral
Brian Yesterday at 7:02 pm
Name Yesterday at 7:03 pm
at least he’s doing better than his brother Alexis. he has a 7.47 ERA
Metsense Yesterday at 7:03 pm
I didn’t realize that n Name
Brian Yesterday at 7:04 pm
We know that relievers bunch their bad outings together, usually 6-12 outings.
last 8 games, 7.1 IP, 10 ER
Metsense Yesterday at 7:06 pm
Mendoza should Put him in Low pressure situations To gain his wits And work this Thing out
Although 4 Runs is a Low Pressure Situation!
Metsense Yesterday at 7:14 pm
This is excruciating
Brian Yesterday at 7:16 pm
Some rotten pitching, Ottavino and Diekman excluded
Woodrow Yesterday at 7:17 pm
Wow, playoffs or 70 wins? Largest payrolls baseball
Brian Yesterday at 7:20 pm
tough call if this one is more disappointing that the Phillies game the other day
Metsense Yesterday at 7:20 pm
This one
@guest4420025 has been banned for 4380 hour(s) by @Brian
Metsense Yesterday at 7:21 pm
You can lose your confidence
They were supposed to win against the Marlins Especially When you are ahead by 4
Thanks for the chatter. Good night everyone