Things can always get worse.

A few days ago, the GR for the game against the Phillies called it the most disappointing loss of the season. In this game, Carlos Mendoza and Edwin Diaz said, “hold my beer,” and proceeded to deliver an excruciating loss, as the Mets allowed four runs in the bottom of the ninth and lost in extra innings, 10-9, in Miami Saturday afternoon.

The Mets led this game, 7-2, entering the seventh inning. Luis Severino had been pitching a solid game but he ran out of gas. Mendoza pulled Severino, who had allowed two runs, and Reed Garrett allowed an inherited runner to score, making it 7-5.

But the offense tacked on two more runs in the ninth inning, thanks to doubles by Brandon Nimmo, J.D. Martinez and Starling Marte. Mendoza pinch ran for Martinez with Tyrone Taylor and then put Taylor in left field, which caused them to lose the DH.

Mendoza pitched Diaz in the ninth inning, even though it was no longer a save situation and Diaz has not been good at all lately. And Diaz allowed a double, two singles and a game-tying 3-run homer before he was pulled.

Nimmo’s spot was due up second for the Mets in the 10th inning. Instead of perhaps their best hitter coming up in a clutch spot, it was the pitcher’s spot. The Marlins had their lefty closer on the mound and all Mendoza had left on his bench were lefty hitters. Nimmo’s a lefty, too, but he has a .764 OPS this year against southpaws. Mendoza pinch-hit with DJ Stewart, who was hitless in 7 PA versus lefties this year and who has a lifetime .612 OPS against portsiders. Stewart struck out. Taylor grounded out to end the inning without the Mets scoring a run.

The Mets scored nine runs on 15 hits, a return to form for the offense in road tilts after getting shut out the previous game. They’ve scored 20 runs in their last four road games yet are just 1-3. That’s because the pitching has allowed 33 runs in that same span.

5 comments on “Gut Reaction: Marlins 10, Mets 9 (10 INN) 5/18/24

  • TexasGusCC

    Time for Edwin Diaz to take a vacation…. Let’s change his scenery for a bit. Have a committee to close and let Diaz start a few games and pitch one inning, then have the starter come in. Starters with relief experience can probably handle that. A few outings like that to take away the jitters of the ninth inning. Undoubtedly, this guy has a fragile psyche. Wow, I wonder what Cohen is thinking…

    Speaking of Cohen, MLBTR is reporting that last summer the Mets offered Alonso 6/$158 and he turned it down, saying that the sides weren’t even close. And that was before Alonso hired Boras!!! He’s gone… going to a ballpark with a short porch.

  • T.J.

    Having to render judgments as to which loss is the worst is not a particularly good sign. The small sample of the soft portion of the schedule has been quite hard.

  • NYM6986

    Grateful for having missed this entire game but still shocked at the destruction Diaz has brought to this team. I see a stint on the IL to repair his broken spirit. The Mets are an equal opportunity kind of team where we proudly let teams who have no reason to be beating us, do so. Nice offensive display and a slap on the wrist for Mendoza who clearly had no idea that Diaz historically struggles in non save situations. Manaea to avoid the sweep today and bring the Mets back to 4 under .500. FYI Marlins are 15-32 after taking the first two from the Mets. Makes our losses even more disappointing.

    • Woodrow

      Wendle curse?Dont laugh,by all accounts he is a great clubhouse guy. What is their record since he was DFAed? And how are the Marlins doing this year after being a playoff team last year?

      • Brian Joura

        Correlation does not equal causation.

        And as for don’t laugh — LMAOSHMSFOAIDMT

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