Brian Yesterday at 4:06 pm
Time to get back on the winning side
Lindor starts us off with a single
Nimmo hits it off the pitcher. Runners on the corners
Nimmo swipes 2nd
Name Yesterday at 4:12 pm
early rally
Brian Yesterday at 4:14 pm
Pete doing his Lindor imitation – chasing high
Name Yesterday at 4:16 pm
that sucked
Brian Yesterday at 4:16 pm
Watching strikes and swinging at alls
Name Yesterday at 4:21 pm
nice play
Brian Yesterday at 4:22 pm
Now let’s hit like we field
Name Yesterday at 4:24 pm
can hit and pitch!
but can’t steal
Name Yesterday at 4:34 pm
wow gotta catch that
Brian Yesterday at 4:37 pm
Hard to have 2 more weinier hits than those
Boo Yesterday at 4:43 pm
Brian Yesterday at 4:45 pm
Excellent time for a K
Name Yesterday at 4:46 pm
hard working inning
Brian Yesterday at 4:46 pm
He was on a good pitch count until the Bart AB
If Nimmo and Torrens try to steal, you’d have to think Lindor will, too
Let’s not blow this 2-on, no out opportunity
Bases loaded for Pete
Brian Yesterday at 5:03 pm
Pete chases low and away when a walk would’ve gotten him an RBI. Pitiful
Guy’s thrown 8 pitches and only one has been in the strike zone. Quit swinging!
2 Ks because Alonso and Vientos went chasing on every pitch
Name Yesterday at 5:06 pm
Brian Yesterday at 5:06 pm
Torrens delivers a 3-run double
Name Yesterday at 5:07 pm
my eyes were getting really heavy and Torrens just woke me up
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:08 pm
Way to
Go Torrens
Brian Yesterday at 5:08 pm
Been awhile since we had a lead
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:08 pm
just rememberd the game was on
Brian Yesterday at 5:08 pm
Actually, scratch that – they led yesterday
Now for Peterson to hold the lead
Name Yesterday at 5:14 pm
just noticed Mets called up the lone remaining member of the shortened 2020 draft class
Brian Yesterday at 5:17 pm
Who’s that?
Peterson looks really good
Name Yesterday at 5:18 pm
Eric Orze
Brian Yesterday at 5:18 pm
Huh – I thought he was earlier than that
Name Yesterday at 5:18 pm
5th rounder – signed for $20k
Brian Yesterday at 5:19 pm
That’s all they had that year, I think. 5 rounds
Name Yesterday at 5:19 pm
yea, and they have traded/released the other guys
Brian Yesterday at 5:20 pm
Might have been tough to overturn that one but looked safe to me
Name Yesterday at 5:22 pm
i was half asleep when they took out the Pirates SP, what happened?
Brian Yesterday at 5:22 pm
Alonso and Vientos struck out, Torrens hit a 3-run double
Pinky – what are you doing?
Name Yesterday at 5:22 pm
but why the quick hook?
Brian Yesterday at 5:22 pm
Name Yesterday at 5:23 pm
Brian Yesterday at 5:33 pm
Dennis Santana, Ryder Ryan, Colin Holderman – bunch of ex-Mets relievers
Name Yesterday at 5:34 pm
Peterson is afraid of Bart for some reason
Ryan never made an appearance for the Mets though
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:35 pm
Ouch Cruz 13th HR
Brian Yesterday at 5:36 pm
Good thing they picked off the guy from 2nd base or else we’d be tied
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:36 pm
Walks Continue to kill us
Name Yesterday at 5:42 pm
this feels like a game the bullpen will lose
after many missed offensive opportunities
Brian Yesterday at 5:42 pm
Martinez and Alonso and Vientos are killing us more than walks in this game
Diaz back today – I know he’s your favorite
Name Yesterday at 5:45 pm
feels like we’ll lose the lead before Diaz is used
Brian Yesterday at 5:45 pm
If we have “A” relievers, they should be rested
Name Yesterday at 5:46 pm
ah, the quick Mendoza hook
Brian Yesterday at 5:46 pm
Peterson gives up a hit the third time thru and Mendoza gets a woody and goes to the pen. Ridiculous
Name Yesterday at 5:47 pm
TC would be proud
Brian Yesterday at 5:49 pm
We’ve got to stop thinking that 87 pitches is a reason to pull a starter.
Yeah, 87 is too many for the 5th inning. But it’s not enough to be pulled.
Mendoza is going to have to figure out a way to get Torrens some more ABs
Name Yesterday at 5:56 pm
best 100k the Mets ever spent
Brian Yesterday at 5:56 pm
It was worth that just to get rid of Narvaez
Name Yesterday at 5:56 pm
our scrub comes thru!
Brian Yesterday at 5:57 pm
I like how Chris calls him Ruben Tejada
Name Yesterday at 5:58 pm
Zack Short has a 478 OPS for Atlanta
Brian Yesterday at 5:58 pm
He’s finally helping us
Got our 3-run lead back
Name Yesterday at 6:00 pm
they played him everyday for 2 weeks, then he played like 3 games in a month, and now he’s played a week straight. Brian Snitker is all or nothing with position players
Brian Yesterday at 6:01 pm
Braves have had some bad luck injury-wise but they’ve gotten healthy and productive years from Sale and Kelenic so they still have some good fortune
Name Yesterday at 6:02 pm
Reynaldo Lopez has been their biggest fortune this year
Brian Yesterday at 6:03 pm
Yeah, wouldn’t begrudge him having a good year out of the pen but as a potential AS starter?
Let’s not walk Bart this time
that’s more like it
Name Yesterday at 6:04 pm
Butto not afraid of Bart
let’s get a bunch more off Ryan
Brian Yesterday at 6:09 pm
Maybe Torrens can get some time at DH
and 1B
.243/.325/.467 now for Alonso
Name Yesterday at 6:12 pm
huh, Mendoza replaces Butto with the unreliable Reed
Brian Yesterday at 6:13 pm
Pen was in good shape coming into today but Mendoza is going to fix that
Name Yesterday at 6:14 pm
fatties always become folk heros
I did say we would lose the lead before Diaz came in
Boo Yesterday at 6:19 pm
Those damn bases on balls
Name Yesterday at 6:21 pm
phew, for now
Boo Yesterday at 6:21 pm
is this the ball game?
Name Yesterday at 6:22 pm
no, with this pen every inning is a struggle
saved by the ump, for now
Boo Yesterday at 6:25 pm
Ball game? I hope so
Name Yesterday at 6:34 pm
can Nunez provide a stress free inning?
Brian Yesterday at 6:37 pm
Yes. He’ll have a 1-2-3 inning. leaving us with a roller coaster with Diaz in the 9th
8 pitches. Doesn’t get much better than that
Name Yesterday at 6:43 pm
let’s get 1 more so Nunez can stay in
Brian Yesterday at 6:46 pm
Wash your hand!
Name Yesterday at 6:52 pm
Brian Yesterday at 6:52 pm
Overcame the early pitching hooks
Name Yesterday at 6:52 pm
thank god it was easy after 7
Brian Yesterday at 6:52 pm
see you tomorrow