Brian Yesterday at 1:41 pm
Mets go quietly in the first.
Name Yesterday at 1:44 pm
it’s long relief day!
Brian Yesterday at 1:45 pm
With Mendoza, every day is like that
Name Yesterday at 1:47 pm
cannot understand why the Pirates have Joe batting 3rd
Brian Yesterday at 1:48 pm
Manaea didn’t get the memo and walked him.
It’s a different lineup for the Pirates against LHP
Jose Quintana is on that list, too, Gary
Name Yesterday at 2:02 pm
what was that?
Brian Yesterday at 2:02 pm
No reason for Pete to field that ball
And if it wasn’t bad enough that he did that but then he didn’t make a good throw to 1B
Name Yesterday at 2:09 pm
i’m lost – what the heck are furries?
Brian Yesterday at 2:10 pm
He’s using that to describe the people in animal costumes on that river cruise
Name Yesterday at 2:16 pm
Brian Yesterday at 2:16 pm
OK, Nimmo, let’s pad that RBI total
2 Ks in 2 ABs for Nimmo
That inning helps the pitch count – 9
Name Yesterday at 2:24 pm
yay no walks
Brian Yesterday at 2:36 pm
59 IP thru 4 IP – Mendoza might let him go longer than 5.1 IP this time
59 pitches
Keith can’t go on vacation soon enough
McNeil gave it a ride but came up short. Pull the ball, Jeff
Name Yesterday at 2:48 pm
Brian Yesterday at 2:48 pm
Nice defense by Iglesias and then McNeil to turn two outs
Name Yesterday at 3:00 pm
a break
Brian Yesterday at 3:02 pm
Gary’s prediction almost came true
OK, Nimmo, let’s hit the ball this time
Time for a WP
Name Yesterday at 3:06 pm
Brian Yesterday at 3:07 pm
Would Pinky have made that play?
Hope Manaea gets the 7th
Meanwhile, time to get some runs
6 pitches and Alonso doesn’t swing the bat once
Name Yesterday at 3:15 pm
Brian Yesterday at 3:15 pm
Alvarez gets us going with an opposite field 2B
gotta quit looking at these middle-middle pitches
0-5 with RiSP
Nope, Garrett coming on for the 7th
Name Yesterday at 3:24 pm
it’s a win chance for Reed
the league has figured out Reed, and he can’t adjust
Brian Yesterday at 3:27 pm
If only Mendoza would figure it out
Name Yesterday at 3:29 pm
he keeps throwing the spliter down and away and no one is biting
1 trick pony
Brian Yesterday at 3:30 pm
He’s got a good fastball – not sure why he needs to throw so many splitters
Name Yesterday at 3:34 pm
they can hit the foot outside pitch from Reed because that’s where he throws it 90% of the time
Brian Yesterday at 3:35 pm
Name Yesterday at 3:35 pm
thank god for fatty
Metsense Yesterday at 3:37 pm
Let’s get some runs
Brian Yesterday at 3:37 pm
They were just waiting for you to arrive!
Another player who needs sliding practice
Name Yesterday at 3:44 pm
Metsense with positive mWAR today!
Holderman pitching like he’s a part of the mets bullpen
Brian Yesterday at 3:49 pm
Now for Mets’ bullpen to keep up the shutout
Name Yesterday at 3:56 pm
Brian Yesterday at 3:56 pm
I question it, Keith. Why bunt when you have a chance for a big inning?
Metsense Yesterday at 3:57 pm
That was a bonehead bunt
Boo Yesterday at 4:00 pm
Ball game?
Name Yesterday at 4:05 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 4:06 pm
Brian Yesterday at 4:06 pm
No one wanted Garrett to get a win, anyway
Metsense Yesterday at 4:08 pm
Dang those base on balls
their Deadly
Let’s get 2 runs or more
Boo Yesterday at 4:11 pm
Well at least it’s interesting
Name Yesterday at 4:12 pm
Boo Yesterday at 4:12 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 4:13 pm
I wouldn’t
Boo Yesterday at 4:14 pm
Hs hacking
Name Yesterday at 4:15 pm
no triple play please
Metsense Yesterday at 4:16 pm
Let’s cash in
Name Yesterday at 4:20 pm
Mets don’t wanna swing
Boo Yesterday at 4:21 pm
Iglesias needs to play every day
Name Yesterday at 4:23 pm
Another wild pitch please!
i blinked and thought he swung
Boo Yesterday at 4:24 pm
Fasten your seat belts
Name Yesterday at 4:24 pm
HBP, WP, PB, we need one of those
catcher interference
Boo Yesterday at 4:25 pm
why not a hit?
Name Yesterday at 4:25 pm
Boo Yesterday at 4:26 pm
Does Diaz pitch the ninth?
Name Yesterday at 4:26 pm
good thing he listened to you and not me
Brian Yesterday at 4:26 pm
There yu go, Metsense
Metsense Yesterday at 4:26 pm
Name Yesterday at 4:27 pm
Does Diaz pitch the ninth? yes. Mendoza is a Diaz lover
yanks SP early but loves to leave Diaz in too long
Boo Yesterday at 4:28 pm
who else? It’s Diaz, he’s the guy
Name Yesterday at 4:30 pm
how does the kool-aid taste?
Boo Yesterday at 4:31 pm
need another run or twwo
Name Yesterday at 4:31 pm
why not 4?
Metsense Yesterday at 4:33 pm
I cannot fault Mendoza Sticking with Diaz
Boo Yesterday at 4:34 pm
Hang on!
Name Yesterday at 4:35 pm
gift strike 3
Metsense Yesterday at 4:36 pm
Boo Yesterday at 4:37 pm
take a breath
Name Yesterday at 4:37 pm
ump is gifting strikes to Diaz
Brian Yesterday at 4:39 pm
Hope the bats show up tomorrow – none of the relievers they used today will likely be available.
Metsense Yesterday at 4:39 pm
Name Yesterday at 4:39 pm
500 again
Brian Yesterday at 4:40 pm
And 5-5 in this stretch against sub-.500 teams
Metsense Yesterday at 4:42 pm
They are sputtering
Thanks for the chatter Have a splendid Sunday evening