After blowing the lead in the bottom of the eighth inning, the Met scored two runs in the ninth to earn a 3-2 win over the Pirates Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh. The win brought the Mets back to .500 for the season and raised their record against Pittsburgh this year to 5-1.

After neither team scored in the first seven innings, Brandon Nimmo ripped an RBI double to score Francisco Lindor to put the Mets up 1-0. And Lindor delivered the big hit in the ninth, as his two-run single with the bases loaded gave the Mets the lead.

Sean Manaea started and it took him a couple of innings to get in a groove but he kept the Pirates off the board early and ended up with six shutout innings. It came as little surprise to anyone who watches the games that Carlos Mendoza went to the bullpen. At least Keith Hernandez stated the Manaea still had gas in the tank.

Reed Garrett, who threw 26 pitches on Saturday, came on for the seventh inning. And just like yesterday, he got himself in trouble but came away with no runs allowed. Dedniel Nunez, who also pitched yesterday, came on for the eighth but wasn’t as fortunate as Garrett. He put two runners on base before Mendoza called for Edwin Diaz for a four-out save. Diaz, who also pitched yesterday, gave up a walk and a two-run single before getting the final out.

The Mets put the first two runners on base in the ninth inning. But back-to-back strikeouts made it look like the game was over. Jose Iglesias walked to load the bases, setting up Lindor for his game-winning hit.

You’ve got to win the game in front of you and the Mets did that the last two days. But I’m not a fan of this “going to the bullpen as soon as possible” and using the main three guys in back-to-back days. The Mets finish the series with the Pirates in a Monday afternoon tilt and it will be a surprise if the three relievers who pitched today are available.

Additionally, Jose Butto likely won’t go, as he’s used to multiple days of rest as a starter. And it’s an open question if they’ll pitch Jake Diekman in a high-leverage spot. Which means it’s three relievers available Monday, with one of them being newly-promoted Eric Orze. And Christian Scott gets the start, a pitcher that they want to limit his innings. Hopefully Adrian Houser is ready for heavy duty.

7 comments on “Gut Reaction: Mets 3, Pirates 2 (7/7/24)

  • Boomboom

    Yeah Manaea should have gone 1 more and then Ottavino in the 8th. Alas.

  • NYM6986

    Managed to listen to the last few innings of the game on satellite radio driving on our way home. Was very excited to take the lead in the top of the eighth and equally unhappy to lose the lead in the bottom of the eighth. Just looking at the stats it’s amazing Manaea did not get a chance to start the 7th even at 89 pitches. Couldn’t agree with you more that Captain Hook simply believes he has a better pen than he really does and tends to pull his starters maybe an inning too soon each game. Seemed Peterson could have continued in the fifth yesterday. How can any of their pitchers learn to get through the third time through the order if they are never left in to do so?
    Just when I think that Aroldis Chapman would have been a good addition to the Mets bullpen, I remind myself that he is often wild as he exceeds 100 mph with his pitches. The Pirates can keep him. Great to see the patience of those hitters and working out walks against him. And Lindor goes 3-4 and was involved with all the Mets runs. Diaz came back to salvage the game after pitching like crap in the bottom of the 8th. Scott back on the mound tomorrow for an afternoon contest as the Mets go for the series win and to move over .500.

  • Charles Rutheiser

    Some head scratching bullpen management today for sure.. Don’t want to see Diekman tomorrow under any circumstances. Scott’s got to go six at least. Hauser, Orze and Ottavino for the rest.

  • TexasGusCC

    Count me in the group that wants Mendoza to explain his usage. This is complete bullshit, going back to the days of Collins and Showalter doing the same thing. Bunching the better relievers and then having to bunch their lesser relievers. Hard to understand why Houser wasn’t the first guy out of the bullpen. Plus, you give a team the chance to see all the same relievers two days in a row. Early on in the year I said that Mendoza is an intelligent man that needed experience. He doesn’t need experience any longer. He is good at utilizing all the position players well but absolutely sucks at using all his pitchers well.

    Lindor is the team’s best player. No more discussions about his contract.

    Pete Alonso wants to be in the Home Run Derby again? As Keith’s Hernandez says, “sigh”.

  • TexasGusCC

    And now I just saw that Alonso is the Mets lone rep for the All-Star team. LOLmlb!!

  • Metsense

    Gut Reaction: in the 9th inning Alvarez struck out but the catcher didn’t handle the foul ball and Alvarez worked out a walk. The Mets capitalized that break and won with a two out two runs single from Lindor.
    Manaea pitched another gem and could have remained for the 7th inning the not used Garrett or Nunez. The situation was similar to yesterday’s game. Both games resulted in victories. If the Mets didn’t catch that break today they would have lost and the bullpen would have been exhausted. It will be difficult to win the series with the bullpen situation in the finale.

  • T.J.

    Pen management aside, this is a win that had loss written all over it. All games are equal, but games right now are more equal as these will determine the personnel game plan at the end of the month. As Metsense noted, they got some breaks, but they also battled strongly in the ninth, both at the plate, and Diaz on the mound redeeming the blown save. That was good to see. Lindor el fuego. They may want to just rest him in April and May in future seasons.

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