Brian Yesterday at 7:14 pm
Murphy and Darling in the booth. Big upgrade from the Pirates series
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:15 pm
Afternoon Mets fans
Brian Yesterday at 7:16 pm
Hey Chris
Let’s start a petition to have Murph replace Keith
Afternoon? Where are you now?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:17 pm
interestingh today, I thought boo was Jose!
still in the PNW till end of month
Brian Yesterday at 7:17 pm
I think the only alias Jose has used has been something math-related
Good inning for Q
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:18 pm
sounds about right
im not so hot on Murphy in the booth
Brian Yesterday at 7:19 pm
His voice isn’t great but I thought he had some good points in the ST games he did
I’d very much like to hear his thoughts on what McNeil should be doing.
Lindor with the infield hit
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:21 pm
i hope he talks McNeil. I think hers a change of scenery tradse
Brian Yesterday at 7:22 pm
He may benefit from being on a new team. I just don’t see anyone trading for him.
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:23 pm
lindor is an all star
Brian Yesterday at 7:23 pm
I think both he and Nimmo should be there.
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:23 pm
Brian Yesterday at 7:23 pm
This is the third time Nimmo had a case and didn’t get picked.
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:25 pm
ASG picks are so fraught with crap
Metsense Yesterday at 7:26 pm
Let’s cash in
Brian Yesterday at 7:26 pm
I think it’s a good thing to have a member from each team. But it def. causes problems
Woodrow Yesterday at 7:27 pm
Brian Yesterday at 7:27 pm
Alvarez crushed that one
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:28 pm
just a little outside!
Woodrow Yesterday at 7:28 pm
Should be playing every day
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:29 pm
well crap.
back in a while!
Brian Yesterday at 7:33 pm
Blew that one by Ramirez
I like this version of Quintana
Metsense Yesterday at 7:37 pm
Quintana Has Revitalize His season
Alvarez is reason I think
Woodrow Yesterday at 7:39 pm
And JD should be in Syracuse
Metsense Yesterday at 7:40 pm
Since marte Is injured nobody has stepped up
Brian Yesterday at 7:40 pm
It’s a good thing Narvaez and Nido aren’t around. They wouldn’t be able to look Q in the eye.
Woodrow Yesterday at 7:40 pm
when is Marte due back
Brian Yesterday at 7:40 pm
Haven’t heard a date but doubt it’s anytime soon. End of the month?
Metsense Yesterday at 7:41 pm
I heard A month or so
Brian Yesterday at 7:42 pm
There you go Jeff
two-out rally
Metsense Yesterday at 7:43 pm
Let’s cash in
Brian Yesterday at 7:44 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 7:44 pm
Brian Yesterday at 7:45 pm
wow that ball just kept going and going
Metsense Yesterday at 7:45 pm
Going going and gone
Brian Yesterday at 7:46 pm
He’ll have more homers by the AS break than Pete at this rate
Pete 18 HR
Nimmo 15 HR
Metsense Yesterday at 7:52 pm
He’s good at the Second spot In the order
Brian Yesterday at 8:01 pm
Great positioning
Metsense Yesterday at 8:02 pm
I knew Woods father
When I saw him on television I Hit a double take Last week
Brian Yesterday at 8:03 pm
Nice – they talked about him being from Long Island and playing hops at Richmond
Metsense Yesterday at 8:04 pm
He was He was a basketball star In my hometowna
He was also a Summer employee With my company
He was a nice kid
Brian Yesterday at 8:06 pm
I’m terrible picking NCAA brackets. My only claim to fame is that I picked Richmond to beat Syracuse that year.
Metsense Yesterday at 8:07 pm
And you still remember that ? That was at least20 years ago
Brian Yesterday at 8:07 pm
There’s not a lot of success stories for me in those brackets, so you remember the rare ones.
Metsense Yesterday at 8:09 pm
I like the veterans of the game Segment
Brian Yesterday at 8:09 pm
Late 80s – so about 35 years ago
Metsense Yesterday at 8:10 pm
Boy, I am old!
Brian Yesterday at 8:11 pm
I remember when Billy Wagner was drafted. Peter Gammons kept talking about how he pitched at this tiny school called Ferrum.
I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I remember Billy Wagner’s college team
Metsense Yesterday at 8:13 pm
Bader keeps rolling
Brian Yesterday at 8:22 pm
Are we sure that was foul?
Metsense Yesterday at 8:22 pm
It pass in front of The pole
Brian Yesterday at 8:32 pm
Nimmo almost had another XBH
Not the hit we were expecting from JDM
Pete watching fastballs middle-middle
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:40 pm
Hi everyone. Would love to get six full from Quintana
Brian Yesterday at 8:41 pm
Hopefully Mendoza doesn’t remove him if he allows a baserunner
Got what you wanted
Metsense Yesterday at 8:44 pm
90 p. And he is cruising
So Mendoza Will take him out
Brian Yesterday at 8:45 pm
Wow – Mets DFAd Joey Lucchesi to make room for Maton
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:47 pm
Say Lucchesi has been awful in the last several weeks
they keep bringing in retread pitchers – not a formula for success
So Lindor and Nimmo get snubbed. Nice job by both tonight.
Brian Yesterday at 8:49 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 8:49 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:49 pm
Hey boys!
Woodrow Yesterday at 8:49 pm
Ball game?
Brian Yesterday at 8:49 pm
Maton had a 118 ERA+ over the 2022-23 seasons
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:50 pm
They are certainly hitting Irvin better than last time they faced him.
Brian Yesterday at 8:50 pm
I’d rather see Maton than a bunch of the never-weres they’ve been using recently
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:51 pm
My mWAR on the rise!!
Metsense Yesterday at 8:51 pm
I see him as An average Reliever. I’m not sure why they did
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:52 pm
Is 6 enough is the question
Brian Yesterday at 8:53 pm
Yeah, 6 is plenty
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:53 pm
so you say.
my eyes have seen things B
Woodrow Yesterday at 8:54 pm
Severino,Manaea,Q do you trade one with Senga coming back? Prospects or relievers?
Brian Yesterday at 8:54 pm
Maton’s last 11 Games – 12 IP, 1 ER, 1 BB, 11 Ks
If they can find anyone to take Severino they should do that.
But they probably won’t, as the plan is to use a 6-man rotation when Senga returns.
Metsense Yesterday at 8:55 pm
Brian You are the answer man
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:57 pm
i just got a flash that senga threw 2.2 inAAA hit 98
Metsense Yesterday at 8:57 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:57 pm
Yeah, they showed some video earlier
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:57 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:57 pm
Ron says the key will be how Senga feels tomorrow
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:58 pm
that makes sense
Brian Yesterday at 8:58 pm
Gary said at least 2 more rehab starts
Although one of them may be a simulated game, depending how minor league All-Star games shake out.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:00 pm
so i guess if all well, then back to rotation post asb
Brian Yesterday at 9:03 pm
Quintana throwing to Alvarez: 46 IP, 9 ER, 1.76 ERA
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:04 pm
has he thrown to torrens?
Brian Yesterday at 9:04 pm
2 G, 7.2 IP, 6 ER
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:08 pm
Proud of Mendoza for letting Quintana go 7 Also a trade deadline advertisement.
Brian Yesterday at 9:08 pm
So, you’re selling?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:09 pm
Carefully and still looking for a solid bullpen atm
Brian Yesterday at 9:09 pm
They just got one of those in Maton
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:10 pm
was hoping for
a 0 from O. Nope
Hopefully he can return to his last three years performance. Then he’d be great.
Brian Yesterday at 9:12 pm
Did you see the numbers I posted above?
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:14 pm
Im def selling. This team is barely gaining ground
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:14 pm
Just did. Damn good
Brian Yesterday at 9:16 pm
In his last 32 games, he has a 3.02 ERA
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:17 pm
after tonight the Mets have five games with the Gnats and Rockies before the break. Then 4 with the Marlins sobefore Yankees, Braves
Metsense Yesterday at 9:17 pm
Chris its three weeks away. Why rush it
Brian Yesterday at 9:17 pm
I’m not ready to give up on Ottavino but Maton makes it easier to do if he doesn’t turn it around.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:18 pm
and Twins before the deadline. We need to be five over otherwise we sell
they have to pitch to three batters rule is amongst the stupidest changes they have made.
Metsense Yesterday at 9:19 pm
What are you going to get For selling?
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:19 pm
every day gets you more return. They started June 3.5 back and made up a game. On top of they still have a lot of ground to cover. This we’re in the WC hunt is one of the absolute worst things for baseball. It gives teams a terrible sense of bad teams being good
Metsense Yesterday at 9:20 pm
Minor league depth?
Brian Yesterday at 9:20 pm
In general, I don’t like rule changes that teams could do themselves, like the shift or three batters.
Teams could have their hitters go the other way or teams could use relievers for longer outings without needing a rule.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:21 pm
Agree Chris. There is so much parody in this league, and they have been talking about the wildcard races since almost the beginning of the season, but it makes near 500 teams feel like they could squeak into the playoffs and grab a little magic.
Brian Yesterday at 9:22 pm
But getting rid of the LOOGY and 3 relief pitchers in every inning from the 7th on has been good for the game.
We got Winker out!
“feel like they could squeak into the playoffs and grab a little magic. ” — You mean like the last two World Series winners?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:23 pm
certainly good for efficient games but there was some strategy about managing your relievers and if you used too many it usually left you shorthanded at the end of the game. So why not let a manager use up his pen?
Brian Yesterday at 9:24 pm
Have you watched the 2024 Mets? They use up their pen on a regular basis!
I get the strategy angle and I don’t disagree. But to me it’s a better game with that rule.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:26 pm
Yes Brian. But those were good teams – not like the Pirates or cubs or maybe even the Mets who could make the playoffs but would need all the stars to align to win it all
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:26 pm
That’s the worst part of this. two times a day a broken clock is right. Crazy shit does happen, but thats betting on the 50:1 horse and dumping millions of dollars in bets to win 1000$ one time
Brian Yesterday at 9:27 pm
The D’Backs won 84 games. They weren’t a good team – they just got hot at the right time.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:28 pm
hot at the right time absolutely matters, but Ill take the Braves record 100 times out of 100 as opposed to getting a lucky hot streak
Brian Yesterday at 9:28 pm
Go McNeil!
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:29 pm
and the other team needs to go to crap as well
Metsense Yesterday at 9:29 pm
Brian Yesterday at 9:29 pm
Sure, I’d rather be the 100-win Braves than the 84-win D’Backs. But that’s not really what matters. The important thing is getting into the playoffs.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:29 pm
I think the Ya Gotta Believe nonsense has destroyed this fan base
Brian Yesterday at 9:30 pm
And you’ve been very consistent with that POV. Just like Name saying that Mark Vientos was going to Japan.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:30 pm
just like vogelberg is a good player
the Mets overall record and post season runs have covered all we need to know
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:32 pm
84 just barely beats .500. They got hot but had some under appreciated talent. If the Mets made the playoffs you just never know. I’d feel better if Senga comes back strong, Maton can do something and they get one more bullpen arm. The team can certainly hit when they put their minds to it
Brian Yesterday at 9:33 pm
Can’t believe they’d put Orze back out there
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:33 pm
Lindor is having a great game
Brian Yesterday at 9:34 pm
I’m fine with him pitching a blowout tomorrow. Today just feels too soon.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:34 pm
really, a great season!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:34 pm
As has Nimmo
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:35 pm
so far hes really earned his keep on the contract. We should be very pleased woth Lindor all things considered
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:35 pm
think of what he does in the field
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:36 pm
I think hes heading for a 65-70 career WAR
Metsense Yesterday at 9:39 pm
I think so Chris
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:39 pm
Also his 25 doubles, 15 HR and 15 steals prior to the all star game is a first
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:42 pm
The lead is not sufficient
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:42 pm
When does Maton arrive?
Woodrow Yesterday at 9:43 pm
Uh oh
Brian Yesterday at 9:43 pm
They said tomorrow or Wednesday
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:43 pm
Name Yesterday at 9:43 pm
i see Reed’s stock is still falling
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:43 pm
he’s got 1650 hits so he should clear 2000
Lindor will have HoF credentials
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:44 pm
Garrett was so strong at the beginning of the season
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:44 pm
untradeable now
Brian Yesterday at 9:44 pm
Coming into today, Lindor has 50.1 fWAR
Name Yesterday at 9:44 pm
Garrett was so strong at the beginning of the season that’s when there was no scouting report on him. now it’s all splitters away so he’s easy to hit
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:44 pm
hes heading for DFA territory
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:45 pm
Got a break on a crappy pitch.
Name Yesterday at 9:45 pm
how has Murphy been?
glad to hear Ron is back
Metsense Yesterday at 9:46 pm
Garrett had no prior MLB success
Brian Yesterday at 9:46 pm
He’s been better than Keith but that’s a low bar. Disappointed he hasn’t said anything about McNeil. At least some of that blame has to go to Gary for not asking.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:47 pm
Lindor gets the game winner unless they let them have a few more runs.
Brian Yesterday at 9:47 pm
He’s made some good statements about hand positions for both hitters and pitchers.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:47 pm
tough assignment with Gary and Ronnie
Name Yesterday at 9:47 pm
has he been pro Mets or pro Washington?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:47 pm
Ron is so much better than Keith but Keith will always be 1986 for me
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:47 pm
Brian Yesterday at 9:48 pm
He referenced playing for the Nats but nothing major
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:48 pm
from the innings I watched
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:49 pm
it’s about time Diaz came in. This is not a game to lose
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:49 pm
what a pen embarrassment
Name Yesterday at 9:49 pm
they should bring in Orze. this is a low leverage situation for him!
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:50 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:50 pm
when does Stewart get DFA? Almost makes me want Vogelbach back. Def only kidding about Vogelbach
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:51 pm
thats not even approximating funny
Brian Yesterday at 9:51 pm
I was against using him earlier but given that he’s the one likely to go when Maton gets here, they might as well get some use out of him.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:52 pm
excellent Diaz
Name Yesterday at 9:52 pm
i’m done with Diekman, i’d swap him for Maton
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:53 pm
for sure, he and Garrett immediate DFA
win, wah wah wah
Name Yesterday at 9:53 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 9:53 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:53 pm
back to .500
Need to win 4 out of the next 5 against the Gnats and Rockies. Anything less and they are kidding themselves.
Metsense Yesterday at 9:55 pm
They need a good homestand
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:55 pm
At best they will split with the Uankees
and then the Braves and the Twins close out the month. Who knows how they will do against them
Name Yesterday at 9:57 pm
did you feel Mendoza pulled Q too early?
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:57 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 9:57 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:58 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:58 pm
103 pitches is not nothing. 90 pitches and I’d have been pissed.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:58 pm
esp on such a baking day
Name Yesterday at 9:59 pm
retired 13 straight to end his day. guess he was spooked by the 100 pitch bogeyman
Metsense Yesterday at 9:59 pm
6-0 lead Still cruising
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:59 pm
Your pen should be able to get six outs. And Alvarez should have caught that pitch it looks like on replay
Metsense Yesterday at 9:59 pm
And with the bullpen?
Damn straight I would have Let him go
NYM6986 Yesterday at 10:00 pm
Agree. They are scary to think about who to put in. Somlet
ChrisF Yesterday at 10:00 pm
I mean 6 outs and a big lead should have got it done
but Im almost always in favor of keeping the starter in. Im happy he went out for the 7th!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 10:00 pm
So let’s not crucify Mendoza for his pen selection because whoever he puts in sucks. Still think Q could be moved so leave it with a good strong outing
Metsense Yesterday at 10:01 pm
35 years old . TJ Will that be a problem
The bogeyman spook Mendoza
NYM6986 Yesterday at 10:03 pm
great chat as always! Night
Metsense Yesterday at 10:03 pm
Thanks for the chatter Have a nice night