“It’s nice to be liked. But no, I don’t care as long as they respect me, and understand what it took me to get here. Joe Maddon, myself, Jim Leyland, who didn’t play in the big leagues . . . a lot of times there’s certain guys who say, “Well we don’t understand” because we never played here. Bull(bleep)! I earned my way here just as a player earned his way to the big leagues. I spent 21 years in the minor leagues, I spent seven years in winter ball.

I worked my (butt) off to get to where I’m at today. Don’t tell me I don’t know what’s goin’ on. I told one of my players one year, “If I played today? You’d be watching me play.” When I played, there was only 20 teams. Or 24 teams. I was with a team with the Dodgers at one time where the infield was together for 12 years in a row. There was no place for anybody to go.”

New Mets manager Terry Collins‘ reply when asked if he cared if he was liked.

Source: New York Post


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