I’m kind of new at this, OK?

See, there was supposed to be a Met game in Denver yesterday (May 11) at 3:30 PM or 1:00 Mountain Daylight Time. But the rain that held things up the night before — a most satisfying NYM win – apparently came back with a wallop yesterday morning, as the Rockies called the game at 11:00 AM here.

So what do I write? Do I do the umpteenth piece on David Wright’s troubles? Do I moan about the atmosphere at Citi Field? Nope, I’ve yet to set foot in the building this year. Do I rail at cruel fate about Ike Davis’s sore ankle and call for the heads of the Mets’ training/medical staff? Nah, that’s just too 2009. Do I make something up and report it as gospel? No, I’ll leave that to Mike Francesa. I kid…I kid…

So I have no clue what to do. I’m too young to be going senile. I haven’t been writing long enough to have developed writer’s block. I’m at a loss.

I think Channel 9 had the right idea, back in the day.

The original, rabbit-ear-TV home of the New York Mets had three contingencies at the ready in case rained: they’d show 1969 World Series Highlights — narrated by Curt Gowdy, no less — or if the rain lasted longer than 40 minutes, they’d go to the 1973 Series Highlights. If the rain washed out the whole shebang, it would suddenly become time for the Million Dollar Movie. We’d be enthralled to see John Wayne & Jim Hutton put out oil rig fires in “The Hellfighters,” or watch Humphrey Bogart wrestle with a moral crisis in “The Harder They Fall.”

I wish this column had a Million Dollar Movie.

One comment on “What’s a Mets blogger to do? (Rainout Theatre)

  • Brian Joura

    It was very disappointing to learn later on in life that the Million Dollar Movie was usually some lousy second-rate flick. I did enjoy the ’69 World Series highlights, though!

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