Dave Kingman, 1976 and what might have been

I like Dave Kingman. Now, I realize perfectly well that makes me an idiot in the minds of some. After all, Kingman could seemingly do nothing besides hit home runs on the field and generally the less said about his off the field exploits, the better. But man, was he fun to watch! The thrill [...]

Ike Davis takes aim at Mets’ first base records

Ike Davis is off to a great start this year, with a .316/.407/.579 slash line. Over at ESPN, they use what the player has done so far and use that to project what the player would do for the entire season if he kept up his current pace. While it’s not serious analysis, it’s fun [...]

Mets Rewind: July 28

Here's what happened on this day in New York Mets history: 1975: New York Mets purchased Skip Lockwood from the Oakland Athletics. 1978: New York Mets purchased Gil Flores from the California Angels. 1979: Dave Kingman of the Chicago Cubs hit three home runs in a game for the second time in the season and [...]