Ranking the nine players & mangers in Mets history

Counting interim managers, the Mets have had 20 different skippers in their 50 seasons. Nine of those also played for the Mets before becoming managers. Here is an alphabetical listing of those nine managers, along with their ranks as overall players, their time playing with the Mets and their time managing our favorite team. Yogi [...]

Gary Carter on asking for Willie Randolph’s job

"I think something as miniscule as that, I don't understand why that would be the reason," Carter said. "It got more blown out of proportion than it should have. It's unfortunate that one radio station asked me if I would be interested and I said "yes." That was the wrong thing politically to say, but [...]

Mets Short-Term All-Stars

Recently at BTF we were discussing all-star teams for franchises made up of guys who made their marks elsewhere but who had a cup of coffee with the team in question. I made a list of hitters for the Mets and thought it was interesting enough to do pitchers, too, and write it up here. [...]