Fast-tracking the Mets’ rebuild with their 2021 roster

When Andrew Friedman took over the Dodgers in 2013, he was told to win immediately and win in the future. He was given a blank checkbook to build up all areas, so he built up the scouting, the analytics department, the coaching staffs and of course the roster. He traded for Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford [...]

Wilpon and Katz made the right choice

After close to four decades of controversial ownership that included dubious financial practices, many second-tier free agent signings, much interference with their Front Office’s work, and some foot-in-mouth comments, the Wilpon and Katz families are divesting themselves in the coming days of most of their Mets ownership. Interestingly, news is coming out today of a [...]

What happens to the void Seth Lugo leaves in the bullpen?

It isn’t a stretch to say that the Mets rotation needs a talent like Seth Lugo.  After Zack Wheeler took his services to the team that wanted him more than the Mets, Noah Syndergaard needed corrective surgery on his pitching elbow, Marcus Stroman decided to stay safe at home this year, and Steven Matz has [...]

The most indispensable Met in 2020

No names. Pick which player you would want if you could only get one: Player A:  Age 26,  248 PA,  .329/.381/.471/.852,  .359 BABIP,  7/8 SB Player B:  Age 23,  249 PA,  .314/.341/.423/.764,  .362 BABIP,  8/13 SB My choice is the second player just based on what we see above. There seems to be more growth potential and upside. It appears both are good players. Now, [...]

Who’s the greatest Mets hitter: Darryl Strawberry or David Wright?

Ever since David Wright retired, there has been a feeling that he is the best Mets position player of all time. Looking at Baseball-Reference’s Mets team page, Wright is #1 in At-Bats, WAR, oWAR, Hits, Singles, Doubles, Runs, RBIs, Total Bases, Walks, Extra Base Hits, Runs Created, Sacrifice Flies, Times on Base, Double Plays Grounded [...]

A 2020 realignment may be good news for the Mets

MLB has whispered to their writers that they want to have games played this year and want to be starting by no later than July 2nd.  They have even publicized having playoff games going as late as Thanksgiving in warm weather neutral sites to accommodate playing more regular season games.  While nothing has been said [...]

Scouting Jarred Kelenic against top pitching prospect Forrest Whitley

Late last season, the Seattle Mariners AA affiliate, the Arkansas Travelers, were facing Forrest Whitley (23) and the AA affiliate of the Houston Astros, so it was a good time to see personally how good Jarred Kelenic (21) actually was. Whitley is a top prospect for the Astros that had a tough 2019 and was [...]

Comparing Amed Rosario to other recent star shortstops

Over the last year or so, I have found myself mentioning quite often that I feel Amed Rosario’s career path is trajecting like Xander Bogaerts’ and expect similar results. Rosario was the top prospect in baseball upon being brought to the big leagues and Keith Law called him “a tool shed.” Too, FanGraphs rated him [...]

How far are the Mets away from having Dodgers-like success?

While payroll salary appears to be a way of comparing levels of investment in players, it is just for the world to see. The real difference in organizational success is behind the scenes. The scouting department sizes and the areas they reach, the size of the analytics department, the amount of instruction and correction available [...]

The root of Wilson Ramos’ struggles and how to plan for 2020

I always liked Wilson Ramos. When rookies hit the ground running, I’m happy for them and Ramos did just that. He was called up when Joe Mauer got hurt and Ramos was impressive. A young catcher that could hit the ball a mile and had a strong arm makes for a great resume starter. Ramos [...]