Pete Alonso and the notorious sophomore slump

There was a time, long ago, when yours truly was so aboard the hype train for a certain young Mets slugger that he preposterously suggested that said slugger could become the franchise's future home run king. To be fair, the Mets aren't exactly known for having an illustrious history of mashers. Darryl Strawberry, the franchise [...]

Michael Conforto might create his own good luck

As another season in which the Mets were expected to compete (even before the playoffs were expanded) whimpers to an ignominious end, there do remain some bright spots in an otherwise weird and disappointing campaign. One of the shiniest is the youthful offensive core that ranked as one of the league's best as the young [...]

Steven Matz’s move to the bullpen won’t stop the homers

Leave it to the Mets to take a seemingly obvious decision and make it in the most excruciatingly inept way with what appears to be an almost embarrassing lack of forethought. After days of refusing to commit to Steven Matz's next start and flirting with the idea of moving Seth Lugo into the rotation, the [...]

So far, so good, Edwin Diaz

It might be slightly hyperbolic to call 2020 a hellscape, but the good news is that baseball is officially back to return some sense of normalcy to our everyday lives. Despite feeling like we're in the opening montage of a post-apocalyptic movie, baseball provides a welcome reprieve from the onslaught of seemingly endless bad news. [...]

Mets’ offense may have advantage with extra-inning rule

Major League Baseball's proposed 60-game season is tentatively set to start in less than a month, but it's certainly more than simply a shortened version of the marathon we've grown accustomed to over the last century. Beyond the reduced number of games, there are aspects of the season that, in many ways, will make it [...]

Let’s discuss the Mets’ designated hitter options

Did that article title make you throw up a little? That's understandable. Like it or not, however, the designated hitter (DH) is coming to the National League (NL) for the 2020 season. It will once again vanish into the ether in 2021 like some bad dream, but it will most certainly come back for good [...]

The Enigmatic Steven Matz

Two of the most interesting things about Mets pitcher Steven Matz have (mostly) nothing to do with his numbers on the field. Like teammate Jacob deGrom, Matz consistently goes about his business in a professional manner that contrasts with the club chaos that often surrounds him. Perhaps more interesting, however, is that he isn't really [...]

The loss of Noah Syndergaard and the Mets’ playoff hopes

News of Noah Syndergaard's Tommy John surgery, which occurred successfully this past Thursday in Florida, wasn't really all that surprising given the prevalence of the procedure across baseball and the max effort delivery of his 100+ mph heaters. It was actually more surprising that he was the lone outlier in his own rotation for two [...]

Noah Syndergaard’s pitch-framing dependency

It feels like ages since the Mets entered a season with an offense widely considered to be a potent weapon, but that's the case as we head into a 2020 campaign replete with high expectations. A lineup stacked with reigning Rookie of the Year Pete Alonso, a resurgent Michael Conforto, a rising J.D. Davis, a [...]

The Mets’ 2020 bullpen and the Edwin Diaz dilemma

According FanGraphs' Steamer system, the 2020 New York Mets are projected to have the top bullpen in the National League and the third-best relief corps in all of baseball with an even 5.0 fWAR. That's a seemingly preposterous notion to a fan base that suffered through a season sunk by what was, for large parts [...]

Mets360 2017 projection review: Travis d’Arnaud, Rene Rivera & Kevin Plawecki

Our Mets360 preseason projection review series now turns its attention to a trio of catchers in Travis d'Arnaud, Rene Rivera, and Kevin Plawecki. Like the 2017 infield, there were questions surrounding the breakdown of playing time for the team's catching corp heading into the season. D'Arnaud's history of injury and poor 2016 combined with Plawecki's [...]