This is Wilmer Flores’ time to shine

Wilmer FloresWilmer Flores is back with the Mets. Flores was called back up after Daniel Murphy was placed on maternity leave. That will leave Murphy away from the team for the next couple of days. While he is gone, it seems that either Flores or Eric Young Jr. will take his place. After struggling on Monday, it seems that Eric Young might return to the bench in place for Flores to play for a couple of days.

The Mets know that Flores’ bat is too good to just have it on the bench. It’s the reason he was sent to Triple A Las Vegas. He was able to get at-bats while working on his play at shortstop until he was needed. That time is now.

With this opportunity, Flores needs to prove that he belongs to stay with this club. He may start a couple of games; he may be counted on to be a pinch-hitter.  Whatever role the Mets and Terry Collins ask Flores to contribute in, he needs to bring his A game.

Any chance that Collins gets to use Eric Young , he will take it. Flores has always been a man without a home. That’s the reason he has struggled to make this Mets ball club. But, this is a golden opportunity to show what he’s got.

And then when Murphy gets back, make the decision hard on Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins to either get sent down or stay on the bench. A good string of games by Flores will make it very hard to get sent down. Couple that with the potential short leash that Ruben Tejada has and Flores might have a real chance to stay on this team.

It’s only the second game of the season, yet the Mets have some uncertainty with their roster. It would be nice for somebody to grab hold of a position and play very well. Wilmer Flores has that chance. Hopefully, he makes this chance counts and makes it the last time he plays in the minor leagues.

1 comment for “This is Wilmer Flores’ time to shine

  1. blastingzone
    April 2, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Flores would be a lot better choice coming off the bench backing up SS,2nd,3rd and first than
    Q who is just taking up space! At least Flores can hit!!

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