Reassesing the top 14 Mets prospects

New-York-Mets-Logo-VectorIn February, there was a list made that stated the starting point and projected finishing point for the usual suspects on the top 14 prospects. Now we stand at the mid-way mark for most of the minor league regular seasons. So far some of our prospects have fallen flat on their face, but some have really hit a stride. Jacob deGrom and Wilmer Flores have been taken off this list since they have lost their rookie eligibility (and they will probably stay in the majors). In addition, Michael Conforto was left off this list because of the complete uncertainty of where he will start or how he will perform.

14) Jayce Boyd
Start/Current Location: AA Binghamton

In the minds of many fans and officials, Dominic Smith runs supreme for the future of first base. However, a young right-handed hitting machine burst on to the scene in 2013 hitting .330/.410/.461. Unfortunately this year has not gone the same, as he is hitting a meager .263. That said since May 6th he has been hitting .322/.407/.449. Due to the excess of first basemen in the upper system, it will take a while for him to progress- but it will happen.

End Location: AAA Las Vegas

13) Blake Taylor
Start: Gulf Coast League

Thus far, there is not much to say regarding Taylor. He recently came over in the Ike Davis deal and hasn’t pitched yet this season. It is almost impossible to predict how he let’s, but we will stay positive.

End Location: A Savannah

12) Gabriel Ynoa
Start/Current Location: A+ St. Lucie

Showcasing unbelievable control his first three seasons, Ynoa has continued the pattern into this season as well. His hits have skyrocketed resulting in a 4.08 ERA. He has pitched much better lately with a 2.47 ERA in his last seven games (even with a 5.2 inning 7 ER start last week).

End Location: AA Binghamton

11) Gavin Cecchini
Start/Current Location: A Savannah
In recent years, I can’t think of a worse situation than Cecchini. He has been ridiculed beyond belief and didn’t really do much do quiet his doubters but, he has hit much better this season to the tune of a .741 OPS. There is no question that he will continue to get better.

End Location: A+ St. Lucie

10) Dilson Herrera
Start/Current Location: A+ St. Lucie

The prized piece in the Marlon Byrd deal has impressed this season both offensively and defensively. It would make sense that the Mets would promote him to Binghamton, but it seems that he may stay in the same spot all year.

End Location: St. Lucie

9) Michael Fulmer
Start/Current Location: A+ St. Lcuie

Thought of as a steal in the first round of the 2011 draft, Fulmer has done very little to impress beyond his breakout 2012 season. He now stands in the middle of a make-or-break season with a 4.82 ERA. His first three starts were forgettable as he allowed 16 earned runs in only 13 innings. Since then he has gone on a run of eight wonderful starts while projecting a 2.93 ERA in 43 innings. This is becoming a great year in which he will be handsomely rewarded.

End Location: AA Binghamton

8) Amed Rosario
Start/Current Location: A- Brooklyn/ A Savannah

After receiving the largest signing bonus in team history, Rosario has not exactly lived up to the incredible expectations- but who could? It is way too early to even look at his stats for this season or last- lets just hope he figures it all out.

End Location: Completely Unpredictable (but probably A- Brooklyn)

7) Cesar Puello
Start/Current Location: AAA Las Vegas

The past six years have been one long roller coaster ride for this young man. From a rising five-tool talent, to being accused for over being overhyped, to a biogenesis scandal, to an up-and-down year this season- it has not been easy for Puello. As a Mets fan, we would all love him to start being a force on the field but the more he struggles in a hitters’ haven the less likely the outfield trio of Brandon Nimmo, Juan Lagares, and Puello is likely.

End Location: Hopefully New York

6) Steven Matz
Start/Current Location: A+ St. Lucie

This man has been an excellent force in the minor leagues (which is most likely a result of his accelerated age). Even so, he has already taken the league by storm and has been a dominant pitcher on the mound. Hopefully, the Mets will take him seriously and call him aggressively.

End Location: AAA Las Vegas (for 1-2 starts)

5) Brandon Nimmo
Start/Current Location: A+ St. Lucie

After getting off to a slow start in 2011 and 2012, Nimmo burst onto the scene in 2013 with a ridiculous April. But then, he was atrocious from May until July. This was mostly a wrist injury. This year he once again got off to a crazy start, and again has slowed down, only this time he has retained great numbers. If he keeps mashing, the Mets will have to go against their strategy and promote him.

End Location: AA Binghamton

4) Kevin Plawecki
Start/Current Location: AA Binghamton

With absolutely stunning numbers in 2013, Plawecki skyrocketed through the prospect lists; this year is no different. He got off to a slow start, but since May 2nd he is hitting a ridiculous .365/.409/.581. This man also does not strikeout very often making him an incredible future option. The Mets demoted Travis d’Arnaud, which means he is blocked in AAA. Regardless, he should be challenged sooner or later.

End Location: Probably AAA Las Vegas but Hopefully a September Call-Up

3) Dominic Smith
Start/Current Location: A Savannah

This season has been an interesting one for Smith. After getting off to a dreadful start, he has settled in. So far he is not hitting for any extra-base hit power. This makes perfect sense due to the crazy bias against left-handed hitters in that ballpark. Once he starts hitting some doubles, he should be promoted immediately.

End Location: Brief Stint in A+ St. Lucie

2) Rafael Montero
Start/Current Location: AAA Las Vegas

Many people in the front office thought that Montero would be an immediate success, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. Whether it was growing pains or just stage fright, Montero was not yet ready for the big leagues. However, in no way, shape, or form should the fans give up on him; he still has an incredible amount of talent and will be back in New York soon.

End Location: New York

1) Noah Syndergaard
Start/Current Location: AAA Las Vegas

Thought of as the Mets top prospect and a top ten in all of baseball, Syndergaard is a monster. However, he has not exactly lived up to those expectations this year because of Las Vegas and several minor injuries which should not be career threatening. The Mets should eventually just call him up to make a cameo of starts. Don’t worry about the 4.47 ERA.

End Location: New York

Just a quick shout out to the man of the hour: Tony Gwynn. As a kid, I looked up to him as my favorite player. I wasn’t even alive during his prime, I just played Backyard Baseball on the computer. He died way too young and he should be remembered for being the last person to even come close to hitting .400 in 1994. With over 3,000 hits, he remains my favorite player not affiliated with the Mets. Rest in peace, Mr. Padre.

2 comments for “Reassesing the top 14 Mets prospects

  1. Patrick Albanesius
    June 24, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Nice tribute to Tony. Nimmo and Plawecki are becoming very exciting prospects to monitor.

  2. Jerry Grote
    June 24, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    I’m noticing that both Reynolds and Herrara are getting reps at SS as they move up.

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Reynolds was playing at Citifield by late July, with a subsequent move up by Herrara. That kid might just be the bean that takes us up the stalk.

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