These lists are often strange.  We see the five players bunched in this group all coming from the same Brooklyn team and all of them falling in the 21-22 age group.  Some of them are ranked down here because they are still unknown quantities, some of them are here based on favorable scouting and their draft stock and all of them are poised to drift upwards or fall off the list entirely based on their performances in 2019.


  1. Jose Miguel Medina, OF (NYP) – Rounding out the bottom 10 is a player that I ranked just outside the Top 20 and Gus left off his rankings entirely. One could argue that I ranked him too agressively considering Ross Adolph‘s numbers are better on paper. There is something about the tall outfielder that makes me believe he will develop power as his body fills out.  That and one has to hope the issues being caught stealing will start to work themselves out as he gets better coaching.

    Gus: Medina, who has exhausted his five years of minor league ball and not gotten out of the rookie levels, is repeating Brooklyn. Who repeats Brooklyn?  It’s like repeating Kindergarten!  He hit .361 against pitchers younger than him, .203 against pitchers older than him, and he was even for the average age. He was on fire in June before the top draft picks came into their teams and he was playing against the leftovers that weren’t promoted, tanked badly in July when the good prospects showed up and was mediocre in August. As much as I can’t believe some their cuts, was that Medina still has a home, even that may only be another year at, but that is due to his athleticism and speed.

    Chris: I watched a video of Medina and looked the numbers over. I confess to not understanding the yo-yo-ing between Brooklyn, Columbia, and Port St. Lucie. His swings reminded me of Rosario, and not the good Rosario, but he seemed to hit ok for average and consistently good with OBP. Definitely the CS is an issue. At age 21 will there be enough consistent progress?

  2. Ryley Gilliam, RHP (NYP) – A player that Gus ranked in the Top 30 and I left entirely off my Top 50 list. Gilliam was a draft pick in 2018’s fifth round and I didn’t think to much of the 5’10” pitcher. Pitchers shouldn’t be my height but perhaps that isn’t fair.  People claim that Gilliam is ready or nearly ready for the majors but we’ll see how agressive the Mets wind up being with his development.

    Gus: The fifth round pick in June was dubbed MLB ready, but Brooklyn showed 16.1 K/9 and a 6.8 BB/9, so there is much work to do.

    Chris: I watched a video on Gilliam as well.  What I like in the video: Quality breaking ball that he plays off the fastball. Looks like big speed differential that locks up hitters with a big 12-6 break. I can see why the Ks pile up, but the WHIP points to control problems, especially with the fastball. The idea of fast tracking the system not evident. Interesting herky-jerky delivery. His small size makes me wonder if he has much of a future.

    43. Ross Adolph, OF (NYP) – The players on the back end of our Top 50 are usually not on everyone’s list but Adolph was the exception.  Adolph impressed me in Brooklyn where he managed to do a little bit of everything in his first taste of the majors.  His 12 triples impress me more than his 14 stolen bases but either way you cut it, he looks like he could wind up being quite a steal for a 12th round pick.

    Gus: A five tool player that had a good season in Brooklyn at age 21, Adolph needs to show it again in full season ball and raise the .274 BA.

    Chris: A lot to like in the batting line. Like the SB/CS ratio and plenty of hits, on base, and slug. 22% K rate. Hitting a triple every 5th game. Strong performance at average (for the level) age.

    44. Juan Uriarte, C (NYP) – Another player who David Missed and Gus hit upon that belonged in the Top 50.  Uriarte didn’t play much in 2018 (Only had a single at bat) but had been a favorite of mine in 2017.  Back then, he managed to hit .827 for the Kingsport squad.  He looks like a hitter and at a position the Mets seem to always have a need at, I will not say no.

    Gus: A developing catcher with both his bat and arm, he threw out 33% in Kingsport and had a .305/.372/.455/.827 batting line in 2017.

    Chris: I’m not sure about what happened to his 2018 season, but there is a lot to like in the 2017 season at Kingsport, where his numbers at the plate are a lot to like. He hit for average and power with a strong OBP. Seems to have an advanced hit tool for someone that was a year younger than his peer average in APPY. I’ll take the 33% CS.

  3. Walter Rasquin, 2B (NYP) – I am thankful for this exercise because I think I would have felt like I missed ranking a player like Rasquin and thanks to our aggregate rankings, I feel like he’s wound up exactly where he belongs. A player who spent part of the season suspended by the league, Rasquin returned to be one of the offensive stars for Brooklyn. It will be interesting to see what he becomes in 2019.

    Gus: Has always hit for average but without much pop or speed, started in Columbia but played most of the season in Brooklyn due to his suspension. Rasquin is getting older and needs to step it up quickly so he doesn’t get left behind..

    Chris: Admittedly not crazy about the suspension for meth. He doesn’t profile well for a middle infielder at 5’9″ and 200 pounds. Good hit tool but not a ton of power. If he profiles at 2B, I think his size will be an issue, if he profiles at 3B, I don’t think theres enough power in the numbers so far, although that certainly develops. He’s now playing a year older than peers so things have to move quickly.

2 comments on “2019 Mets top 50 prospects: 45-41

  • TexasGusCC

    More on Uriarte today from Steve Sypa on AA:

    Behind the plate, Uriarte is considered a plus defender, with a strong arm that can hit 85 MPH, solid footwork, and advanced blocking skills.

    Leave Minaya to run the system. He has a scouts eye.

    • Brian Joura

      Uriarte was an Alderson signing.

      It’s strange – Minaya was praised for his international guys, who’ve been a massive disappointment, and he’s mocked for his drafted guys, who were much better than what he was given credit for. I’m perfectly fine with Minaya having a voice but I don’t want him running the show.

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