The end of June was not kind to Seth Lugo, as in three games he went 0-2 with three blown saves while allowing 7 ER n 3.2 IP. But it’s been a different ballgame for him here in July. He’s not allowed a run in eight appearances this month. In 8.2 IP, he’s allowed just 3 H and 1 BB while picking up 11 Ks. He’s limited opposing batters to a .265 OPS and even on days like Sunday when he didn’t have his best stuff, he’s finding a way to get outs.

You hear so much talk about trading expiring contracts here as the deadline approaches. But if I’m another team in pursuit of the postseason, I’ve got little use for those guys. The player on the Mets I’d be targeting would be Lugo. The question becomes if the Mets are willing to trade him and what an acceptable return might be.

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  • Mike Walczak

    I think that Lugo is more valuable to us than another team. It’s like any trade. What are you trading and getting back to fulfill a need. The Mets need a center fielder, a catcher, a shortstop who can field and starting pitching. We can pick up relief pitchers in the off season. It has to look towards 2020 and beyond, because just like last year, our goose is cooked in July.

    This is two years in a row, with the exact same performance and weaknesses.

    What will Brodie do ? My gut feeling is that he will not do much. Maybe Vargas and Frazier go for a bag of popcorn. Wheeler, who knows, let’s see what he can do if he gets two starts before the deadline. But, he is as good as gone, so lets get something. Does Brodie really want to offer him a qualifying offer ? Heck, Wheeler may take it. If not, we saw what happened to Kimbrel and Keuchel this year. Teams dont want to give up their picks.

    Should be an interesting two weeks. I dont thing Van Wagenen has the stones to trade Syndergaard after telling the league to “catch us”. He wont wave his white flag after he sold the Wilpon’s on his “plan”. I think he gave the Wilpon’s an Amway plan.

    If he does trade him, I am worried that he will make a bad trade that puts us further behind for next year and beyond.

  • MattyMets

    Lugo is one of my favorites. I love his stuff and his temperament. I’m not sure what his ideal role is – he doesn’t have the same fastball as a starter and I don’t see him a s a closer. However, I have this nagging feeling that a better run team could make him a star.

  • Mike Walczak

    Lets start the Wheeler watch. (If he comes back and has two starts before the deadline) Wheeler to the Cubs for Ian Happ.

  • José

    I notice that Yelich is leading the NL in both HR and SB. Has this ever happened before, that is, someone led their league in HR and SB in the same season?

    • John Fox

      Ty Cobb, 1909 won triple crown and lead league with 76 sb

  • TexasGusCC

    I bring wonderful news!!! Rafael Montero was just called up by the Texas Rangers! Bet you he wins 7 games?

    • Brian Joura

      Thanks Gus – I was unaware another team had picked him up.

      He’s pitched in 11 games this year, no more than 3 IP in any of them and that much just once. He’s been used as both a SP and RP. Guess Texas could use him as an opener but more likely out of the pen.

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