Life aint right without my beloved Mets

Life has not been normal for anyone. Most of us have been quarantined for 75 days, and, even if we’ve been lucky enough not to get sick or lose a loved one or our job, it’s been a trying time.

We’re working from home (if at all), kids are home schooling, we miss friends and family, and we all need a haircut. We miss restaurants, movies, concerts, and malls (well, not me, but some people). And lest you try to to take your mind off of the fact that we’re living through a pandemic for even a moment, there are reminders everywhere. “Closed” signs on everything from shops and restaurants to parks, bowling alleys and roller rinks. So, we stay home and stick to TV.

Only THERE’S NO SPORTS. Unless you count The Last Dance and grainy classic re-runs of 80’s Mets and 90’s Knicks games. Those were fun for a while, as was Netflix and Amazon Prime and whatever other streaming service you have. Forget network TV. Every commercial, whether for insurance or canned soup, has to pander to us about “these uncertain times.” Besides, the major networks are not showing any sports. Not even golf or tennis. This is really not normal. And the main thing that reminds me of this, is that there are no Mets games.

My life without the Mets doesn’t seem right. I’ve been through the ’81 and ’94 strikes and 9/11, but this is different. This is not short-lived, there are no scabs, and uncertainty about the season is frustrating. No matter what’s gone on in my life, the Mets have always been a constant. Saddened by a death in the family? At least there’s a Mets game to watch. Disheartened by a job loss? Injured in a car accident? At least I’ve got the box scores and the radio commentary to distract me. Now? Nothing. No pre-game. No post-game. No next game.

The weather may be warming, but summer is one big cloud of uncertainty. Will the beaches be open? Will summer vacations happen? Will my son play baseball? Will my daughter go to camp? All I want to know is, when can I turn on the TV and hear Gary, Keith, and Ron?

Will we get to find out if this 2020 Mets team is as good as we predicted? What kind of manager will Luis Rojas make? Surely, we’ll all be picking apart his in-game decisions on these pages soon. Will we get to see a healthy Yoenis Cespedes in the middle of this lineup? Can Jacob deGrom, Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil be that good again? Will we get the chance to redeem ourselves against the Nats and Braves? Will I get to go to Citi Field at all this year?

I love TV shows and movies. The good comedies make me laugh out loud and the action and thriller flicks keep me on the edge of my seat, but nothing makes me jump up and yell at the TV like the Mets. And that’s when I’ll know things are back to normal. #LFGM.