How Billy Eppler could complete the roster puzzle

Just as we were enjoying one of the most exciting Mets off-seasons in years, the MLB lockout shut off the gas on the hot stove. Have you ever been really into a movie and the cable or the power goes out? Now we have awkward, speculative conversations while we sit and wait...and wait. While team [...]

An off-season game plan for the GM to be named later

Whoever is named as the new President of Baseball Operations (quickly please) will anoint a new General Manager (quickly please) and that person will be immediately presented with a complicated to do list. MattyMets presents a cheat sheet so they can hit the ground running and get us back in contention in 2022. New On-Field [...]

Eleven Mets face free agency – Who’s coming back in 2022?

As this disappointing season fizzles out this weekend, Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson will be focused on finding a new General Manager and/or President of Baseball Operations. This new person(s) will have to hit the ground running as the Mets have a lame duck manager and coaches, as well as 14 free agents. Okay, since [...]

Aaron Loup is a rainbow in a $#&%@storm

After the biggest, ugliest of thunderstorms ruins your weekend plans and muddies your lawn, you can muster just the slightest of smirks at the site of a rainbow in the sky. And so this is how we're coming to view Aaron Loup, a middle reliever and a rainbow in a $#&%@storm. This once promising Mets [...]