Aaron Loup is a rainbow in a $#&%@storm

After the biggest, ugliest of thunderstorms ruins your weekend plans and muddies your lawn, you can muster just the slightest of smirks at the site of a rainbow in the sky. And so this is how we're coming to view Aaron Loup, a middle reliever and a rainbow in a $#&%@storm. This once promising Mets [...]

Citi Night: A Met Game Odyssey – Part The First

I used to be a partial season plan holder at Shea Stadium. I bought the seats in 1992, splitting a weekend plan with a friend of mine: he took Saturdays, I took Sundays. Just in time for The Worst Team Money Could Buy. Isn’t my timing exquisite? I loved those seats. Mezzanine level reserved, section [...]

Mets should use Dickey, Pelfrey more in Citi

In 2010, the home team in MLB has a .559 winning percentage compared to a .441 mark when on the road.  Through games of Friday the Mets had a .582 winning percentage in home games, an above-average mark and the 12-best in MLB.  On the road, they have a .395 winning percentage, a below-average mark [...]