State cracks the AP top 25 having won 11 of its past 13 games

After going 3-0 since our last update, North Carolina State cracked the AP Top 25. By itself that’s a great thing for a team that finished in the bottom of the ACC a season ago. But it comes at a time when neither of the blues – Carolina and Duke – are ranked. Noted ACC [...]

Another surgery for Matt Allan

The Mets issued a two-sentence press release, which said the following: "Minor League RHP Matt Allan underwent UCL revision surgery in January. Dr. Keith Meister performed the procedure in Arlington, TX." If you hope this is a minor cleanup, think again. Here's a snippet from an article on - note the name of the [...]

Mets Card of the Week: 1984 Dwight Gooden

1984 FLEER UPDATE DWIGHT GOODEN In 1990 I started a Dwight Gooden collection. Previously, my interest was all about collecting complete sets and that’s still very much my priority. But, given all of the various card manufacturers that were around then, it seemed reasonable to have a single-player corner in my collection. Gooden had already [...]