Next season begins now, but it doesn’t look like the Mets will be better for several years

About 10 days ago, I wrote an entirely different column than what appears here. The previous version was a decently upbeat assessment of the Mets’ short-term future and a maybe too rosy look at the talent the team obtained by trading aging superstars. Then I watched the first two games of the Royals series – [...]

On Steve Cohen’s dream of sustained success

Another lost season. It’s almost not possible. Heading out of Spring Training there was such hope and optimism – almost certainty – that these Mets would be really good. Contenders for the World Series. A stacked lineup. Wonderful starting pitching. An awesome bullpen. What could go wrong? Everything. We’ll start with Edwin Diaz in the [...]

Alonso is killing it in 2023: What will it take to keep him beyond 2024?

Pete Alonso is on the cusp of making serious bank – and he deserves every penny. We started hearing about his prodigious home run power when he was drafted in the 2nd Round of the 2016 Amateur Draft from the University of Florida. The number one overall pick that year? The Phillies drafted high school [...]

The worst trade in Mets history – That almost wasn’t

Inarguably, the worst trade in New York Mets history grew out of the Amazin’s need for more offense out of their third baseman and their ability to trade from the strength of surplus young starting pitching.  It was the winter of 1971.  Then General Manager Bob Scheffing surveyed the trade market and set his sights [...]

With Correa off the board – the Juan Soto watch begins

For those of us who have lived through the M. Donald Grant and Jeff Wilpon years, watching Steve Cohen use his personal resources to make the Mets the best team possible is unbelievably exciting.  When he made the move on Carlos Correa last month, Mets fans dreamed of great baseball for years on end. When [...]

Heir apparent? Mets hire Carlos Beltran to undefined front office position

As the 2020 Season approached, the Mets tapped Carlos Beltran as their new Manager.  It was a feel-good story.  Beltran was the best Center Fielder in Mets history.  He ended a sure Hall of Fame career and was slated to lead a team that just missed the playoffs the year before.  The team was populated [...]