Luck and the Mets’ approach at the plate

Every now and then it’s worth lurking in the comments sections of websites for opposing teams when they’re playing the Mets. It (sometimes) provides interesting assessments from opposing fans, and it adds a bit of perspective when their gnashing highlights things about the Mets we as fans may not generally notice. If you do take [...]

The elite Edwin Diaz is back, but he’s been here a while

We don’t really need to completely rehash the trade that brought Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano to the Mets before the 2019 season, though suffice it to say it didn’t start out well from the Mets’ perspective. Cano’s tenure was a mixed bag of up-and-down performances and a PED suspension that culminated in the team [...]

James McCann is back, but should he be the starting catcher?

The Mets activated catcher James McCann yesterday after the backstop completed his recovery from surgery to address the broken hamate bone he suffered in May. He’s the first of a trio of core Mets starters (the others being Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom) to return from injuries that sidelined them early this season, though realistically [...]

Did the Mets add enough to their bullpen?

Steve Cohen is the richest owner in baseball, a fact conspicuously acknowledged within the latest collective bargaining agreement with its new luxury tax tier endearingly dubbed the “Cohen Tax.” Cohen barely batted an eye at the target directly planted on him, though, acknowledging that the team is likely to go over it. The Mets’ spending [...]

The return of (the old) James McCann

When the Mets signed catcher James McCann before the 2021 season it was, generally, viewed through the following lenses: They really needed a starting catcher, and he seemingly fit the bill. Their chances of signing J.T. Realmuto seemed slim. The lineup appeared strong regardless of who sat behind the plate. The deal allowed the flexibility [...]

The Mets are finally getting things right…probably

Hello, Mets360 readers! It’s the holiday season, and the cynicism seared into our psyches as Mets fans should be shooed away and replaced with a little bit of that baseball-related hope usually reserved for Spring Training. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, if you hadn’t heard, and in Metsland there’s little more that fans could [...]