State brings win streak to three with an 83-81 OT win over Miami

North Carolina State won its third straight game with a thrilling 83-81 overtime victory over the No. 16 Miami Hurricanes, Saturday afternoon at home in PNC arena. It’s the sixth win in seven games since a road loss to Miami back on Dec. 10. The win moves the Pack to 14-4 overall and 4-3 in [...]

A look at two different slash lines that end up in the same place

Let’s discuss something that Ben Clemens of FanGraphs posted recently. He took a tweet from Tom Tango, which asked his readers which one they would prefer: A. .315/.365/.510 B. .265/.365/.510 Implied is that these two slash lines are recorded in the same year/park, or in different eras/parks but with the same run-scoring environment. Because putting [...]