Pete Alonso and the problem of chasing low and/or away

In the 21st Century you simply don’t see power hitters who don’t rack up big strikeout numbers. Gone are the days when Joe DiMaggio could hit 46 HR while only striking out 37 times, like he did in 1937. Instead, it’s much more common to see someone like Kyle Schwarber, who hit 47 HR in [...]

Mets still need more relief help even after reuniting with Adam Ottavino

The New York Mets brought back a familiar face to their bullpen. They brought back righty Adam Ottavino on a one-year, $4.5 million deal. Ottavino will help the bullpen, which struggled mightily last season. Even though he too was up and down in 2023, he is still one of their more reliable relievers and had [...]