The Mets’ good and bad luck the past two years and how that needs to play out in 2024

It’s often been said that everything went right for the Mets in 2022 and that virtually nothing did in 2023. But everything going right just doesn’t happen in MLB, not even for a perennially lucky team like the Braves. As exasperating as it is to watch good fortune happen consistently for that franchise, no one [...]

What are the odds the Mets will use the 60-day IL to open up a roster spot for Fujinami? has a fairly robust transactions log back thru the 2009 season. It has some for 2008, but nowhere near as lengthy or detailed. So, from the 2009-2023 seasons, excluding the Covid year of 2020, how many players do you think the Mets put on the 60-day injured list prior to the start of the [...]

Dismal night from the free-throw line dooms State in loss to Pitt

It’s tough to lose a home game when every contest is critical for both ACC tournament seeding and a potential NCAA bid. But when you convert free throws at a 40% clip and your opponent makes 90% of theirs, well a defeat is all but bound to happen. And that’s how the Pack lost to [...]