Christian Scott vs Mitchell Parker (7/3/24)

zk Yesterday at 6:52 pm Christian Scott's first pitch hit 400 feet. Fortunately it was to CF, where it's 402 NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:36 pm Not so lucky later but he had a good outing into the 6th only 2 walks Metsense Yesterday at 8:49 pm Deickman walks first batter. Second batter In the tie [...]

Dumb Idea Department: Mets should ‘consider’ promoting Luisangel Acuna

After a very slow start to the season for Triple-A Syracuse -- a start that has his overall numbers looking not so great -- Acuña has been on fire. He turned it on in May, and is coming off a June where he was tremendous. In 24 games last month, Acuña hit .298/.348/.413. Source: Danny [...]