Spring Training is just around the corner so I asked my friends in the blogosphere their thoughts on the following question:

Assuming no more additions – which player or story line will you be watching most in Spring Training this year?

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Greg Prince – The opposite of Young Goodman Brown

Taking into account that Spring Training is a Potemkin Village and that we shouldn’t take overly seriously most of what comes out of it, particularly early, I’ll be crossing my fingers that Dillon Gee can use his right shoulder. If he’s in good shape, we’re in better shape.

John Coppinger – Has his nightmares narrated by Chris Carlin

First off, we’re talking about practice. Not a game, not a game … not a game. We’re talking about practice. There, now that that’s out of the way, I think the biggest thing I’ll be watching are the performances of Zack Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud, and whether a strong spring will put them on the major league roster from jump this season. Wheeler will probably need to be lights out to make the club with the addition of Shaun Marcum giving the Mets five decent starters, but d’Arnaud has a real chance to make the club just by showing some sort of pulse, especially since the Mets will probably want to showcase their major return for R.A. Dickey as soon as possible.

James Preller – Is lining up an interview with Joey Beartran

It’s a strange Spring Training in many respects, since at this point there’s almost no competition for jobs outside of the bullpen. The infield is set and the outfield, well, lacks meaningful drama. Spring is about getting in baseball shape, and I’m most hopeful that Johan Santana and Shaun Marcum establish their health. If they are right, we are looking at a rotation that runs five-men deep. If their arms explode – which is a real possibility – sort of like the drummers in “Spinal Tap” – the air will leave the building very quickly. I believe the “Super 2” rules will keep d’Arnaud and Wheeler off the roster until early July, though in my view they are both ready to take the next step right now. It will be most exciting to watch those two guys. I want to look at that battery and imagine great things. Wheeler should be electrifying, and d’Arnaud could become the middle-of-the-order, right-handed bat this team needs. Let’s hope that in any case, what happens in Vegas . . . makes its way to Citi Field. And stays for a long, happy time.

Howard Megdal – Is researching if Jeremy Lin can play baseball

The outfield. The Mets have 3/8 of their lineup to fill, and no sure MLB-caliber performers to do so. Getting a look at how that puzzle fits together will be fascinating, and key.

Jon Springer – His prized possession is his #64 Dwight Gooden jersey

I think the key guy to watch this spring will be Lucas Duda, who in my opinion needs to develop some confidence in his game in order to sustain some production when the bell rings. The possibility of not getting more help in the outfield between now and then will only magnify the need for him to be a productive bat. I am also hoping he can, you know, learn to catch the ball better. I guess the other thing I’ll watch is how the dynamics of the lineup change with Buck/D’Arnaud behind Duda/Ike as opposed to Thole. I’m kind of optimistic about that upgrade.


The player I’m most interested in, assuming no additional moves, is Matt den Dekker. How good is his fielding? Is he a good fielder or is he an elite defender? I know he stunk up the joint at Triple-A last year and he’s not even on the 40-man but if he’s truly a defensive whiz, he should be on the big league club. If he can catch every ball and pop the occasional HR – we can live with the strikeouts. It’s not like Kirk Nieuwenhuis isn’t going to strike out 150 times if he’s the full time CFer and den Dekker is likely to run circles around him defensively. And with a team depending on pitching so much, outfield defense should matter.


Thanks to Greg, John, JP, Howard and Jon for participating!

6 comments on “Roundtable: Spring Training story to watch

  • Michael Geus

    I also want to see den Dekker. With Duda out there a real defensive center fielder is needed for the mental health of the pitching staff.

  • HarryDoyle

    Aside from the prospects, I’m most interested in seeing what Collin Cowgill and Greg Burke can do.

  • Jim OMalley

    Great article. All valid points/observations.

  • Metsense

    Metsense – the kid who put his worst player in RF during sandlot pickup games.

    The outfield. Currently there are no full time major league quality outfielders on the squad and according to the rules you can only have one right fielder.

  • Rob Rogan

    I agree on MDD. I feel that it is very important for him to have a good spring so that he can take it into AAA to start the year. Will he follow his routine so far? That is, stink it up when he first advances to a new level but settle down the next year. I hope so. I defensive whiz CF with pop would be an excellent thing to have.

  • Steve Rogers

    I’m slightly worried about John’s nightmares being voiced by Chris Carlin!

    I suppose it could be worse, it could be John Sterling’s voice!

    It should be an interesting spring. I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I am more about taking a hit on 2013 and looking more at the future, rather than the success or failure of the team this year. Well, as long as the Mets aren’t historically bad.

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