We haven’t had a free agent prediction thread yet, so while waiting for Scott to submit his article for today, let’s have at it!

Aaron Judge – Yankees, Giants, Mets, field
Trea Turner – Phillies, Braves, Mets, field
Carlos Correa – Twins, Phillies, Astros, field
Justin Verlander – Mets, Astros, Dodgers, field
Xander Bogaerts – Red Sox, Phillies, Twins, field
Carlos Rodon – Giants, Mets, Rangers, field
Dansby Swanson – Braves, Twins, Phillies, field
Brandon Nimmo – Mets, Rockies, Mariners, field
Willson Contreras – Cardinals, Astros, Tigers, field
Chris Bassitt – Mets, Orioles, Rangers, field

Please feel free to comment on any other free agent’s ultimate destination. And dollar figures are welcome, too.

19 comments on “Free agent thread for 2022-23 class

  • Steve_S.

    Aaron Judge – Giants for 9 years/$365m
    Trea Turner – Phillies for 8 years/$280m
    Carlos Correa – Twins for 10 years/$320m
    Justin Verlander – Mets for 3 years/$125m (to get him, rather than a 3rd year option)
    Xander Bogaerts – Red Sox for 8 years/$250m
    Carlos Rodon – Yankees for 6 years/$190m
    Dansby Swanson – Braves for 7 years/$192m
    Brandon Nimmo – Mets for 6 years/$140m
    Willson Contreras – Astros for 4 years/$80m
    Chris Bassitt – Blue Jays for 4 years/$78m
    Kodai Senga – Mets for 4 years/$72m

  • Mike W

    Aaron Judge Giants
    Trea Turner Mets
    Carlos Correa Yankees
    Justin Verlander Mets
    Xander Bogaerts Dodgers
    Carlos Rodon Yankees
    Dansby Swanson Cubs
    Brandon Nimmo Blue Jays
    Chris Bassitt Padres
    Kodai Senga Mets

  • Footballhead

    Post deGrom….. I don’t know why the Mets can’t/wont resign Bassitt. I say 4/80m; or hopefully 3/63m. If Nimmo wants the highest paycheck, then it won’t be the Mets, but maybe 6/140m as Steve_S posts, should be enough. I say the Mets get him back for 6/132m.
    I’ll make it 3 for 3 in saying Senga becomes a Met 4/76m. And while not listed, I think Walker returns at 4/64m.
    Given a choice between Verlander or Rodon; at the prices listed above; I’d opt for Rodon.

    And why would the Mets even consider signing Turner?

  • Boomboom

    Id sign Turner just to keep him from going to Philly.

    Aaron Judge – yankees
    Trea Turner – Phillies
    Carlos Correa – Twins
    Justin Verlander – dodgers
    Xander Bogaerts – padres
    Carlos Rodon – Mets 5 yrs 145m
    Dansby Swanson – red sox
    Brandon Nimmo – Mets for 6 years/$150 m
    Willson Contreras – Astros f
    Chris Bassitt – orioles
    Kodai Senga – Mets for 3 years/$66m

  • Woodrow


  • NYM6986

    Except for hoping to sign Nimmo, our focus is back to pitching and it should be. But despite 101 wins, we need another thumper in the lineup. I think Rodon and Senga would be prime additions, but also think Bassitt would be wise. Would love Trea Turner but not sure where he’d play. With Jake off the board, let the moves begin.

    • Footballhead

      I keep reading that Turner would be placed at 2B, with McNeil going to the OF. This would sort of make sense if the Mets don’t get Nimmo to return, thus sliding/forcing Marte to CF.

      Hope not.

  • T.J.

    Aaron Judge – Yankees 9 years $375 million
    Trea Turner – Phillies 8 years $300 million
    Carlos Correa – Twins 8 years $275 million
    Justin Verlander – Mets 3 years $120 million
    Xander Bogaerts – Padres 6 years $160 million
    Carlos Rodon – Dodgers 6 years $150 million
    Dansby Swanson – Braves 6 years $140 million
    Brandon Nimmo – Mets for 6 years/$145 million
    Willson Contreras – Astros 5 years $100 million
    Chris Bassitt – Blue Jays 4 years $85 milion
    Kodai Senga – Mets for 3 years $60 million

    Turner is a wonderful player but really doesn’t fit the Mets as he would like to play SS, and he couldn’t be relied upon to be an everyday CF. It would nauseate me to see him on the Phillies but that may well occur.

    This is very costly to Mets who will need to find some change under the sofa cushions for the bullpen.

  • Metsense

    My picks are based on reading and hearing the media. That would be make it faulty but it is the only information that we have.
    Aaron Judge – Yankees
    Treat Turner – Phillies
    Carlos Correa – Twins
    Justin Verlander – Mets 3/120
    Xander Boggets – Red Sox
    Carlos Rodon – Dodgers
    Dansby Swanson – Braves
    Brandon Nimmo – Mets 6/132
    Wilson Contreras – Cardinals
    Chris Bassitt – Mets 3/63

    I would rather have Rodon at 5/150 than Verlander.
    Taillon Or Walker at 4/60 than Bassitt because of their age.
    I’m worried about Nimmo signing. My backup picks would be both Bellinger 1/18 for CF and Benintendi at 4/56 for the 4th outfielder/DH and sent Vogelbach to the bench.
    The price of Free agents has gone up since the beginning of the off-season.

  • deegrove84

    Verlander is officially a Met. If the Mets can net Senga or Rodon they can shift focus to Brandon Nimmo etc

    • deegrove84

      Looking into the rules of Qualifying Offers. The Mets would be far better served by targeting Senga as Rodon would cost them international money, their 2nd and 5th pick.

      As for playing the game:

      Aaron Judge – Yankees
      Trea Turner – Phillies
      Carlos Correa – Astros
      Justin Verlander – Mets
      Xander Bogaerts – Twins
      Carlos Rodon – Giants
      Dansby Swanson – Braves
      Brandon Nimmo – Rockies
      Willson Contreras – Cardinals
      Chris Bassitt – Rangers
      Kodai Senga – Mets

      • ChrisF

        Agreed David. Id go Senga and Nimmo.

        2yr at 43M for Verlander. Saves the Mets 100M$, and keeps them salient for winning in the next 2 yers

      • ChrisF

        And now we have the following:
        235M base salary (with Arb etc)
        20M Diaz
        43M Verlander

        present approximate total OD Payroll: 298M

        • deegrove84


          $30 Mil less

          My offseason plan would be slightly different.

          Kodai Senga + Noah Syndergaard (Probably 1 Year Deal) + Cody Bellinger or Michael Conforto

          • ChrisF

            I have the over-under at 360M

  • ChrisF

    Trey Turner to Phillies for 11 years. 300M$

  • ChrisF

    Brandon Nimmo returned for 8/162.

    20.25 AAV


    • Bob P

      Glad he’s back but that one’s going to hurt the last few years. Hope he can keep it up

  • ChrisF

    Mets up to 320M plus lux tax. And Cohen ain’t done. He can’t be. Keeping pace in NL East aint for the faint hearted or cheap walleted!!!!

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