For Pete’s sake – and the Mets’ sake – Pete Alonso should be traded

Some teams can afford the luxury of two superior players who play the same position. The last-place Mets are not one of those teams, they have a few too many needs that could be filled by dealing either Pete Alonso or Dominic Smith, both first basemen. For this article we will focus on the benefits [...]

The 1962 Mets were bad, but were not the worst ever

The very first Mets season, 1962, was a dreadful one. That team, which lost 120 games, is sometimes cited as the worst team ever in modern baseball history. But there is a case to be made for a different team to be the worst, specifically the 1945 Philadelphia NL franchise, which actually used the nickname [...]

Bing Devine was an unsung architect of the ‘69 Mets

Fifty years ago, Met fans were still celebrating the stunning World Series win over the mighty Baltimore Orioles. One of the key architects of that team and its triumphs was no longer employed by the team. That would be Bing Devine, a front office magician for the Mets from 1965 to 1967. Devine rose to [...]