Mets Minors: Looking ahead to the 2013 MLB Draft

The Mets are drafting 11th in the upcoming 2013 draft.  We have no shot at getting a compensation pick and I think I’d rant for days if Alderson jeopardized a pick by signing the wrong free agent.  So let us look at some of the names that may linger around through 10 picks to fall to the Mets.

Players like Mark Appel, Ryne Stanek, Austin Meadows, Sean Manaea, Austin Wilson and others are likely off the list but I would also suggest that Alderson will not make a first round commitment to another pitcher after acquiring another front-line starter (in Noah Syndergaard) so let us look at some of the options:

Kris Bryant, 3B: San Diego University (Junior) [R/R] 6’5” 215 Lbs

If the Mets are looking for right-handed power in the college ranks then Bryant will be on their draft hot-list.  He has Plus power and a good swing to go along with a solid approach in the field that suggests it won’t be a problem for him to stick in the majors as a 3rd baseman.  He is a little strikeout prone but that is common and almost looked for in a power prospect.  The big drawback here is that you would be taking Bryant because his turnaround to the majors isn’t as long and the Mets would be left with no position for him to play.

Trey Ball, LHP/OF: New Castle High School [L/L] 6’6” 180 Lbs

He’s described as reminding people of Shawn Green and he’s certainly got the big lanky build for it.  Ball might stick as a pitcher but his hitting is good enough that you need to think about him.  Could a giant lefty who already reaches 90-92 MPH on the gun really become an outfielder?  Yeah.  He’s a good outfielder with solid speed and an easy stroke.  He can easily add some power to his frame but it seems like more of a project than I expect the Mets to pursue.

Colin Moran, 3B: North Carolina University (Junior) [L/R] 6’3” 209 Lbs

Moran like Bryant has that issue of where would the Mets play him with the added bonus of being a lefty (which isn’t what the Mets need… for now) but I have to list him because he’s an advanced hitter with power who has at least the defensive ability to stick at 3rd.

Reese McGwire, C/3B: Kentwood High School [L/R] 6’1” 190 Lbs

McGwire has two things going for him that might make him jump ahead of his #13 rankings.  He’s got the defensive ability to stick at catcher and he’s a strongly built hitter who hits lefty.  Catchers are long-term projects (especially high school catchers) so don’t get anxious about drafting a catcher after trading for (HOPEFULLY) the franchise backstop.  He’s a gritty player but people doubt his natural physical gifts which might scare Alderson away more than the lack of immediate need.

Oscar Mercado, SS: Gaither High School [R/R] 6’2” 175 Lbs

The Mets draft ANOTHER short stop in 2013?  Yeah… maybe.  He’s defensively sound and projects as a decent hitter but it all smacks of Gavin Cecchini Mark II for the Mets and that might put you off.  I think the only feather in Mercado’s cap that could get him over the Cecchini blues is his speed which is a solid weapon in his arsenal.

Aaron Judge, OF: Fresno State University (Junior) [R/R] 6’7” 240 Lbs

He’s BIG.  Judge is mostly about his raw power (College HR Derby Champ) but his numbers at Fresno State don’t 100% support it.  The good news on Judge is that his patience at the plate is a plus tool and his speed and arm project him to be a average to plus right fielder in the majors.

Michael Lorenzen, OF: Cal State Fullerton (Junior) [R/R] 6’3” 195 Lbs

Not a giant but his body is compared to Ryan Braun (Any other Jewish Baseball players we feel like comparing people to?).  Lorenzen is a natural center fielder who plays the position well.  Don’t worry too much about him bumping into Nimmo as players who can make it in center can play in left and usually right as well.  His power is not close to Judge’s but he’s more of an overall player.

Justin Williams, OF: Terrebonne High School [L/R] 6’3” 215 Lbs

Williams is younger and might have a higher ceiling than Judge or Lorenzen but also a higher risk and longer timetable.  He has tremendous raw power that he’s working on getting to be more practical in game-time situations.

Cavan Biggio, 3B: St. Thomas High School [L/R] 6’2” 180 Lbs

While Craig’s son is a solid hitter who deserves to be in the first round, he lacks a true position.  There are doubts if Biggio will be able to play second base full-time or if his speed would play into center field.  Still more doubts if his power is a match for 3rd.  Hit hitting ability, and defensive flexability (not to mention being Craig Biggio’s kid) make him an interesting choice.

Now… if I’m Alderson and I’m not surprised by Appel, Stanek,  Meadows, Manaea or A. Wilson dropping down to them, I draft Judge.  He would be a unique oddity in the Met farm system… in a good way.  His right power could get him on course to travel up the minors next to Brandon Nimmo by 2015.

7 comments for “Mets Minors: Looking ahead to the 2013 MLB Draft

  1. Stephen
    December 24, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Justin Williams is in my personal top 5 in this draft. I expect a monster spring from him and he’ll vault up the boards to be a 5-10 player and hopefully he slips to us. Watch some video on this kid…at 17 the power is ridiculous.

    I like some of the prep lefties in this draft too.

  2. Mack Ade
    December 24, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    BTW David, Bryant does project as a corner outfielder …

  3. Charles
    December 24, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Find the guy who’ll sign for slot, that doesn’t excite anybody, and who will take 5 yrs to reach the majors and that’s who Sandy will take. Leaving awesome players with plus power on the board, just waiting to be picked 12th.

    • NormE
      December 24, 2012 at 6:23 pm

      Charles, ’tis the season to not be cynical—-unfortunately, you are probably correct.

  4. December 28, 2012 at 12:35 am

    What about some of the LHP’s like Wesely and Clarkin or Kaminsky? What is your guys opinion on those lefties?

  5. Chris
    December 30, 2012 at 11:04 am

    The Mets will get a compensation pick in the second round because they failed to sign the 2012 second round pick Teddy Stankewitz

  6. Robert1970
    December 30, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Nice piece dude!

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