Factoids about the 2012 Mets

Well, as the calendar year turns, let’s take a look at some interesting, or banal depending on your mileage on such tidbits, factoids about the 2012 New York Mets  First up, a look at the Met All-Time Roster, and Met Leaders by games played at each position;

The Mets used 49 different players in 2012, which included 23 new Mets, bringing the All-Time Roster, after 51 seasons to 940 players to have played in at least one game for the franchise.  And out of those 23, 10 of whom made their Major League debuts.

And now a look at the movements on various Mets All-Time position leaders;

First Base

Vinny Rottino’s seven games and Zach Lutz’ game at first brings the Met total to 146.  Ike Davis’s healthy season gives him 330 total, which is good for 9th all-time in games played.  Another solid season should put him into 3rd all-time behind Ed Kranepool and Keith Hernandez.  Davis’ usual replacement this past year, as well as on the strength of handling the position the most in 2011, Daniel Murphy also cracked the Top 20 and is sitting in the #15 slot with 165 games played at first.

Second Base

Speaking of Murphy, he lead the charge at second this season with 138 games played, which saw the Mets add three newcomers to the position which brings the total to 136.  Murphy’s total is now 156 games played and is good for 14th all-time.  Last year’s team leader at second, Justin Turner was used more in a super sub position, but his 14 games at second was good to raise his total to 96, which is good for 30th on the Mets all-time second base list.

Third Base

What a difference 25 years can make?  After the first 25 years, the Mets couldn’t seem to have a steady regular at the Hot Corner, so much so that the 25th Anniversary video features a song on the subject.  Well, in the years since, thanks to the likes of Howard Johnson, Edgardo Alfonzo, Robin Ventura and David Wright, third base hasn’t provided the Mets with too much consternation.  That being said, the 2012 Mets added two more players to the list, which brings the total to 149.  Earlier in the decade Wright became the Mets all-time leader in games played at third, his 155 games in 2012 brings his current total to 1,253.  That total puts him 3rd all-time in terms of a Met playing a specific position, trailing only Bud Harrelson’s 1,280 games at short and Kranepool’s 1,302 at first.  Which means a solid and healthy start to the season should put him on top by the summer.  In other hot corner action, Turner’s 11 games was enough to nudge him into the top 40 in all-time games played with 48.


The trip around the infield concludes with shortstop.  Jose Reyes’ departure left a hole that Ruben Tejada picked up the slack on.  Also in 2012 three other Mets would make their shortstop debut, which brings the total to 118.  Tejada’s 112 games was good enough for him to crack the top 15 of all-times games played list with 181.

Left Field

The Mets added four new left fielders to their total of 239.  Jason Bay’s final 65 games of patrolling Flushing’s Left Field places him 8th all-time with 280.  Scott Hairston trotted out to Left 59 times, which brings his total to 69, which is good for 38th all-time, and Lucas Duda’s 24 games puts him at 40th all-time.

Center Field

Andres Torres’ 124 games in center was good enough to put him in 18th place all-time.  His only year at Citi Field was joined by four other newcomers to the Met all-time center field list, which stands at 163.  Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ 50 games was good enough for him to crack the top 50, placing him at #44.

Right Field

And around in right Duda led a corp of six, which included three newcomers, bringing the right field total to 208.  Duda’s 81 games was good enough to get him 123 total, and in 22nd place all-time.  And Hairston’s 48 games was good enough to give him 63 and puts him at 46th place.


With Kelly Shoppach and Rob Johnson, the Mets All-Time catching list is now at 85.  Josh Thole’s 100 games behind the plate brought his total to 279, which made him 8th all-time in games caught as a Met.  Of course look for a completely brand new catching corps in 2013.

Designated Hitters

Since Regular Season Interleague play began in 1997, the Mets have employed 44 different DHs.  And that includes four new ones in 2012.  Duda being the only DH used in previous seasons played in five games in the DH slot.  That brings his all-time total to six, which is good for part of a three-way tie for 6th all-time.

Pitchers Game Played/Games Started

And we wrap up the look on the mound.  The Mets trotted out 28 different pitchers, which includes Johnson becoming the 6th different primarily position player for the Mets to take the mound, with 13 of whom making their Met debut, and that includes 7 pitchers making their Major League debuts.

Bobby Parnell’s team leading 74 games rises his total to 249, which is good for 18th on the Mets’ all-time Games Pitched list.  The only other movement among the top 50 is Mike Pelfrey’s finishing his Met career with 153 games, good for 40th all-time.

The Mets used 13 starting pitchers in 2012, which included 6 Mets making their starting pitching debut and that brings the starting pitching total to 248 different Mets.  Mike Pelfrey’s final 3 games started places him with 149 for his Met career, and in 13th place all-time.  Johan Santana’s 21 starts gives him 109 total, which puts him at a tie for 18th with Bob Ojeda.  Jon Niese’s 30 starts gives him 94 total, which is good for 24th place, and R.A. Dickey’s team leading 34 games started closes out his Met run with 91 games started, good for 26th all-time.  And finally Dillon Gee’s 17 games started nudges him into the top 50 at 49th all-time, with 49 starts.

And finally, Josh Satin, though logging in games at first and third in 2011, becomes the latest of a handful of Mets to have at least one at bat, and never take the field during the season.

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  1. January 7, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Sometime in the late 70s/early 80s the Mets had a poster – maybe it was a yearbook insert? – that had a tiny headshot of everyone who had played a game for the club. I had those names memorized. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a third of those names and there’s no way I could come close to naming all 940.

    I think we should have a contest. Everyone gets 30 minutes to name as many Mets as you can without consulting any sources such as online or print or cards and see how many names you can come up with. Be honest and put your total here. Maybe Doug Parker could send the winner a card from his collection.

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