Collin Cowgill, Marlon Byrd and other Mets who have earned a spot on the roster

Spring training is still relatively young and there are plenty of games to play and prospects to scout (while we casually watch pseudo-Olympic baseball) but a few members of the Met team have stood out to me as deserving a role come April.

Collin Cowgill – Cowgill hit the ground running and is probably the starting CF in my mind and not a platoon player regardless of Nieuwenhuis’ health.  Sure he’d sit against tougher righties but it would not be a strict platoon.  The fact is that Cowgill has been the best offensive player in the Met lineup this Spring and he might also be the best defensive option not named Matt Den Dekker.  He was likely to have been assured a roster spot anyway but he’s done some additional work cementing his name into a locker at Citi Field.

Marlon Byrd – So… who knows how long this will last but ther other dart that Sandy closed his eyes and hoped for a bullseye looks like he might work out as well.  He’s got more power than Cowgill but Byrd might be just as likely to have earned the #1 RF role over Mike Baxter and Co.  He’s going to get tired as the year goes on but he looks like a solid replacement to Scott Hairston.

Zach Lutz – Why can’t Lutz magically learn how to run faster and jump higher?  (Stupid genetics…) Anyway, Lutz has done as much as I think he can with his bat and his eye to make the Met staff take note.  He’s got a good shot (at this point) of being the primary right IF on the bench but Justin Turner, Brandon Hicks, Omar Quintanilla and even Bixler have more positional flexibility and might beat him out for the role.

Jordany Valdespin – Looks like the Mets have realized just how stupid they were to pidgeon-hole Valdespin at second to start the Spring.  He’s got the speed and ability to play the outfield and his speed and power make him one of the most promising talents available as an option in Citi Field.  Unfortunately I think it’s too late for him to win a role UNLESS Kirk Niuwenhuis or Mike Baxter isn’t going to start the season in Flushing.  I think it won’t be long before Valdespin winds up in the Met outfield.

John Buck AND Travis d’Arnaud – Okay, so I read a post that I didn’t like or agree with about bringing d’Arnaud to Flushing.  They said that Alderson owed it to the fans but that is a bad decision and we all know it.  For 1, it starts the clock on his salary arbitration and 2, Buck has earned the job.  I have no issue with Buck being the primary back-stop for the Mets based on how well he’s played this Spring and I think that while d’Arnaud has been maybe a little better, I don’t think we have any footing for an argument of not using Buck with all the reasons to keep d’Arnaud out of the majors until mid-season.

3 comments for “Collin Cowgill, Marlon Byrd and other Mets who have earned a spot on the roster

  1. March 9, 2013 at 8:46 am

    If d’Arnaud continues to play well I don’t think the Mets should worry about arbitration 4 years down the road. Continue building so that he can be the starting catcher for 2014.

  2. Craig
    March 9, 2013 at 9:28 am

    If Spin doesn’t come north with mets somebody call the cops!! Kirk is the stikeout king next to Duda and MDD and has had a horrible spring next to Spin! I know he’s been hurt but before
    that he wasn’t hitting anyway? If Duda doesn’t start hitting soon maybe the mets should think
    about replacing him with Spin? SPIN IN LF, Cowgill in CF, and Byrd in RF, If Duda finds his stroke then platoon Spin with Byrd who at 35 years old will need some breaks to stay fresh!!
    Considering Travis had some time in AAA last year before he got hurt why can’t he make the club? Service time aside Buck is a good catcher and calls a good game but his hitting and
    blocking balls in front of the plate are not his strong points and hitting Travis 5th to protect Davis Spin hitting 6th and Byrd hitting 7th will be a lot more exciting than Byrd
    hitting 5th, Duda 6th, and Buck 7th! Knowing TC and SA this will not happen, at least not
    to start the season! When TC falls in love with a player like Byrd he falls hard!!

  3. Metsense
    March 9, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    d’Arnaud should not go north from a business point of view. Buck needs to play to increase his mid summer trade value. d’Arnaud should be held back so that he won’t reach free agency until after the 2019 season. He is ready and should be up in May because to hold him back further (so he doesn’t make Super 2) would be a mistake. He needs time to be with Buck before Buck is traded.
    Cowgill and Byrd seem to be the replacements but I would be surprised if Byrd has a better year than Hairston’s 2012.
    If the Mets would trade Murphy for an OF then Valdespin and Turner could share 2B and also be the backup shortstops (not an ideal situation but Quintinilla would be a phone call away in Las Vegas if Tejada was injured). That would also open the door for Lutz who has nothing to prove at AAA and everything to prove in the majors. He has played well enough this Spring to be given the opportunity as the backup corner inf. Otherwise Lutz is on the verge of becoming stale.

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