The game looked all but over when the Mets punchless offense came to plate in the top of the ninth down one. Brewer’s righty Junior Guerra had just shut down the Mets in the previous frame, and with only three hits thus far it didn’t seem like much magic could happen. Nevertheless, it was the man whose done it all season coming through as Pete Alonso launched a solo bomb to tie the game.

Seth Lugo came in to keep the tie and continued into extra innings, and the entire Mets bullpen came in to finish the game. Lugo’s three one-hit innings were matched by Robert Gsellman’s same line later in the game. The longest game in the majors this season, the Mets finally scored again in the top of 18th to break the tie.

Newcomer Adeiny Hechavarria singled and stole second before being scored by a Jeff McNeil, who was thrown out at second on the play to end the game for Mets hitters.

The other newcomer Chris Flexen was not as successful in the 18th, entering his second inning of work as the last man in for the Mets. A leadoff walk came back to bite him, as well as the ensuing two walks that gave Ryan Braun a bases loaded one-out opportunity. He hit a sharp single to walk-off for the Brewers. Good night.

3 comments on “Gut Reaction: Brewers 4, Mets 3 (18 Innings) 5/4/19

  • Brian Joura

    Seemed like Flexen was getting squeezed in the last inning.

    With both Lugo and Gsellman going extended innings, Mets need innings on Sunday from … Jason Vargas. Callaway can’t yank him in the fifth inning if he’s getting outs.

  • Metsense

    Gut reaction:: Chris FLexen qualifies for Saturday Night Live Not Ready for Prime Time Players. Yes, he was squeezed.
    Rosario is a problem on defense. At this point,AH should be the starting shortstop. Rosario is not concentrating and not focused.
    I thought Callaway made some good moves. Or was that Riggleman?
    Alonso and McNeil are dangerous. They could he All Stars.
    This was a disheartening loss .

  • David Klein

    Hernandez squeezed Flexen into sawdust. The offense was brutal lead by Cano, who has not been as advertised and may have had the worst offensive game of his career. Alonso’s homer was huge but his at bats wrisp in extras were killer as he seemed overanxious. Wheeler was brilliant as his fastball was explosive and he went up the n the zone with it continually like last year and he needs to keep doing that.

    Lugo and Gsellman were brilliant and now are out of commission for at least two days. Those guys may have pitched more innings than Vargas will today. Not really sure why Mickey used Gagnon for only a couple batters and went lefty righty that inning.

    The offense was so bad that they drew just one walk in eighteen innings and when ahead in the count the hitters pounded the ball into the ground with ugly hacks. Mcneil’s First five at bats were as bad as it gets but his last two were vintage McNeil.

    Nimmo looks a shell of last years self as he seems incapable of adjusting to pounding him inside. Ramos continues to be a ground ball out machine. I liked the Ramos signing but he’s been brutal on both sides of the ball.

    Rosario has been a bitter disappointment since coming up, but he’s only 23, and nobody should give up on him but his defense has been so bad and now he’s having fielding tips and combined with his crappy offense I think he may be in danger of getting sent down.

    All in all, this was a brutal game in a brutal week of baseball.

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