Gut Reaction: Braves 5, Mets 4 (6/29/19)

As members of the ’69 Mets watched from the crowds, the ’19 Mets were deflated in the eight inning from two Braves home runs for their seventh consecutive loss. Looking more like the ’18 Mets than anything else, today’s squad blew its 21st save of the season which included five in the week-long skid.

The ever-young Nick Markakis drove in the first, while Rookie of the Year candidate Austin Riley lifted the second to put the visitors up 5-4.

After a rain delay cut Steven Matz’s start short the Mets chose to put in the 29-year-old rookie Chris Mazza. A feel good story, Mazza spent some time in independent ball before finally making the big leagues. The Mazza-Matz combination appeared enough to secure the win after some offensive help from Robinson Cano, but Seth Lugo blew up for the third straight time.

It was a bummer to see the celebration diminished by a loss, but the ceremony itself could not have been better. Who knows if we will ever see anything like the Miracle Mets, and from the emotions today it is obvious to tell that what it did for the franchise is still being felt. This day will be remembered for them.

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  1. Chris F
    June 30, 2019 at 6:58 pm

    It was a wonderful ceremony, and I had tears in my eyes here and there. Very emotional in the stadium. Seaver’s grandsons look the spitting image of him. The entire Mets organization should be praised for doing this absolutely right save one thing: listing a couple guys as passed away but who are still living. The parade was awesome. All the guys came in in late 1960s Mustang convertibles to a small throng of super enthusiastic fans…all were willing to shake hands, give fist bumps, and exude class and a child-like expression of amazement of the support they were receiving. Grote and Kooz were inseparable through the day, both beaming non stop. Kranepool looked so good and so did Buddy. Swoboda was beaming too. Cleon was awesome. The only hitch was when Jeffy pulled into the stadium and got recognized and had to stop for cones/security/people a super loud chant of “sell the team” spontaneously erupted! I feel that way, but it didnt seem appropriate for the moment…hey, its NYC! Howie is the voice and soul of the Mets, make no mistake, and in all deference to Gary. The big scoreboard ran a recap of the season, just a lot of memories, or memories of later pictures I remember. They introduced the family members of those who has passed away, with solid ovations for those we all know, Gil, Donn, Agee, Tugger, and of course The Franchise. After the ceremony the present team lined up and greeted the ’69 WS Champs…there were some touching moments, particularly Alonso who seemed touched and connected to who he was talking to; I did wonder what was going through the players heads meeting such a revered group of guys, Im sure many had never heard of.

    Apparently a game was played following, though it was wholly unnecessary.

    Sorry to have missed you Charlie and Matt, things went all nuts during the delay.

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