We have our first major test of trying to play baseball in the time of Covid.

Craig Mish
With caution and restrictions on names and testing, the best I can do is tell you the Marlins will likely be without at least three of their position players and one of their pitchers in the coming days. At the same time. Not sure how any team is supposed to overcome this.

Source: Ely Sussman, Fishstripes.com

And this happened while the Marlins were on the road in Philadelphia

One comment on “There’s a COVID-19 outbreak on the Miami Marlins

  • Brian Joura

    We knew – or at least should have known – an outbreak of this size was likely. The questions are: Does it get worse than this in this particular situation? How many more teams will suffer similar-sized outbreaks

    I guess we find out how good the team/league contract tracing protocols are now.

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