It’s been an eventful two weeks for the Mets, book-ended with the big trade for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco at the beginning and the firing of Jared Porter at the end. In the middle was the deadline to file for arbitration, the start date to sign international free agents and a trade for Joey Lucchesi. After a long period where fans were waiting for something to happen, it was nice to have this action-packed fortnight.

With all of the Mets news, there’s been a lot of traffic, which for the most part has been great. Unfortunately, it’s also meant an influx of dumb comments, most of which didn’t see the light of day. To combat this, some point later today it will be necessary to register and log in to comment at the site.

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21 comments on “Wednesday catch-all thread (1/20/21)

  • Brian Joura

    On the registration form, the “password” that is being requested is your password for the site, not your email password. It’s an auto-generated form that I cannot edit.

  • Jam

    I was able to comment without registering.

    • Brian Joura

      My understanding is if you’ve commented before and checked the box to save your username and password – you won’t have to register. At least I think that’s what’s happening. It’s a new program and I’m learning as we go along.

  • Steve S.

    I am disappointed that we didn’t sign Springer, but understand that he’s an early 30s CFer who got a fair offer from NY at 6 years/$125 million or so.

    I am torn about signing another 31 year old CFer in Jackie Bradley Jr., albeit for less money and fewer years, since he’s a LH hitter. I think I’m moving on to the idea of signing Kevin Pillar, another 31 year old CFer (are all these guys 31?!), who is a decent hitter and fielder, and hits from the right side.

  • Mike W

    We wanted Springer to add a big right handed bat. Instead, we got 27 year old Francisco Lindor. I am actually glad that we didn’t sign him for six years and 150 million. We need that money for Lindor.

    I dont think that the Mets are done. They have been poking around on Kike Hernandez. I do think they still get a true center fielder. I would be good to get a young one.

    Lets go Mets.

  • Woodrow

    I think it’s Nimmo and Smith… get a caddy for Nimmo, a late inning defensive sub and move Nimmo to left. Add a relief pitcher and a starter who is a bit more of a sure thing than POorcello or Wacha, Wainwright, Richards . I still like signing Wong….

  • Metsense

    Without the DH the Mets have a set lineup. Their bench needs work still. Nido as the backup catcher and Guillorme as the 3B late inning defensive replacement is fine. Heredia should be upgraded as the late inning defensive replacement CF moving Nimmo to LF. Nimmo shouldn’t be platooned. That leaves two bench positions; a RH and a LH pinch hitters that have the ability to hit the long ball.
    Pitching wise , Tanaka would be nice but their not leaning in that direction. Lucchesi was a good depth signing. A lefty in the bullpen would be beneficial and Hand would be my choice. Right now it seems like Matz, Lugo and Lucchesi will fight it out for the 5th spot. I think that there will be some opportunities to ink value signings the next 3 weeks.

    • Rob

      I keep reading that Padres fans really liked him. He just didn’t mix his pitches well and used in wrong spots. Hopefully the Mets right the ship. I just don;t want to see Matz starting this year.

    • HOF19

      I agree …….With the probability that there will not be a DH in the NL I see McCann as catcher……Petey at 1B …….McNeil at 2B …..Lindor SS…….. JD at 3B ………Smith LF …….Nimmo CF…….Conforto RF……I do not love Smith in left field …..But if Dom and Petey have very good offensive years we will need their bats in the lineup 145+ games (So add bench depth )………..Lets Go Mets !!!!!

  • TJ

    Springer was a real good fit for the Mets, but no way at $150 million and a “maybe” on the DH. While we’ll miss hit bat, he short shelf-life CF defense can be gotten elsewhere in a way that fits a longer term plan.

    There are still plenty of guys out there to improve the Mets, and the can get quite creative in how they bolster the team. A quality LH arm in the pen is the most glaring omission, but that can be fixed easily.

    Justin Turner on a two-year deal could be a real nice fit…maybe Simien on a one year…still interesting to see what plays out. Is Bauer still in play?

  • JimO

    Too bad we didn’t take Wil Myers off SD’s hands in the Lucchesi deal.

    • TexasGusCC

      Makes too much money; will ruin the cap availability.

  • TexasGusCC

    My thought is not a roster thought, but something I just saw on ESPN:

    Sandy Alderson got absolutely fried by the four commentators on “Around The Horn”. On ESPN. They wanted him to say that the league as a whole should be accountable. They wanted to know why female reporters weren’t asked about Porter’s character as part of the interview process. They wanted to find out why Alderson “took it so lightly” by saying that this isn’t a systemic thing. They wanted blood! WTF? When you do an interview, do you think of that question as a normal human being? Like this stuff goes through your mind? And, as I read yesterday, how do you ask reporters about their dealings with any candidates without expected them to tweet it out in two seconds?

    I’m sure there will be some policy put out by MLB on this and other interview processes but if you are Jarred Porter, how do you get another job? My friend and I were speaking about this yesterday and I felt he would have to show counseling and still he couldn’t get a job with any kind of authority. He did to himself, but even murderers pay their debt to society. How do perverts without common sense or human dignity do it? What will it take for the world to forgive such behavior- since we seem to give second chances to everyone – regardless of their crime?

    • Brian Joura

      The people on these shows have to stake out controversial/extreme opinions to appeal to people who aren’t necessarily invested in the team/player/individual. If you want thoughtful, nuanced opinions on things – you’re not going to get it from a talking head show.

      As for Porter, my guess is he finds MLB employment (if he wants it) in a non-visible role before too much time has passed. Alex Cora sits out a year and gets hired back to the same position. I doubt Porter can come close to being a GM in 2022 but I would be surprised if he wasn’t some assistant scouting director or some such a year from now.

      • TJ

        I’m not sure Porter will resurface in MLB quickly. This is not a sign stealing offense. His offense was not only crude and insensitive, it was mind-boggling dumb on two fronts. First, of course, was how it would impact the recipient, which could range from a shoulder shrug to trauma for years. This wasn’t something that could be rationalized like a crude text to a drinking buddy, it was over the top texting to a professional contact that ended with obscenity. Second, from the selfish standpoint, it was a digital record that never goes away. For an adult with career aspirations in a high profile job or industry, as Alderson said, it is a disqualifier if it surfaces. A ruined career over texting is a tough sentence for some moments of sheer stupidity, but this is ho the world works. Any big league team that hires him will be taking on a big PR risk that could alienate some of its customer base. I’m not sure which team will be up for that…he’ll need a real loyal contact to go out on the line. Now, if he could throw 99, well, that would be different…he’d be signed by the weekend.

      • TexasGusCC

        Brian, ironically that’s the exact title of the possible job that I said to a buddy yesterday but I feel that no one will stick his neck out to hire him without some kind of certification or a course study from Porter on how to respect women in the workplace – at least! Porter will soon know who his true friends are.

        TJ summed it very well, but my one and a half cent: 60 unanswered messages? Is he that socially slow or that socially stupid? And to then send a picture of a penus? Definitely how to win a woman over that is avoiding you; after being a Loser, be a Pervert. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of dumber than this.

  • Woodrow

    The guy I feel sorry for is Evan Roberts. Poor guy who seems to be as straight as an arrow has to work with bully boy Carton.

  • José

    Some YouTuber is talking about Sonny Gray and Eugenio Suarez to the Mets. What do you think about them fitting in, and what should the Mets give up to get them?

    • TexasGusCC

      I don’t see why the Mets would need to bother with Gray. Suarez is nice, but so are many players. I would think that Cincinnati wants a fortune for those guys, but the way they have just given players away it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • JimO

    Sad news that Hank Aaron has passed away……

  • José

    A great man died today, Mr. Henry Louis Aaron (not Hank!)
    If you really want to know how great he was, you must read
    The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron by Howard Bryant
    RIP King Henry (2/4/1934-1/22/2021)

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