The curious case of Danny Herrera

Adam Rubin reported yesterday that Daniel Herrera is most likely going to be given a spot in the bullpen for Opening Day. Tim Byrdak is recovering from knee surgery, but he’s expected only to miss  a couple games. To this point in Spring Training, Herrera has thrown 6.1 innings, posting a 1.42 ERA with two [...]

Brandon in PSL: Coming to terms with Mets’ ugly loss

Today's game was painful for a few reasons: one, I had to sit through nine innings of major league players trying to play baseball, and two, I was sitting out in The Berm, which is the seating area on the ground in right field. I wouldn't recommend these "seats" for anyone if they go. While [...]

Brandon in PSL: Andres Torres your new favorite Met

Well there weren't many positives to take away from Tuesday's game. It was nice to see strong>Matt Den Dekker and Cesar Puello play next to each other in the outfield and Daniel Murphy keeps proving he's going to be one of the best hitters in the league this year. The pitchers struggled as much as [...]

Is Scott Kazmir really an option for the Mets?

When Mets fans hear the name “Scott Kazmir” a lot of emotions are felt. Some get depressed, some get confused, some get carpal tunnel, I for one get that feeling that comes right after I’m done throwing up everything I’ve  put into your body for the past two weeks. Even now looking at where Kazmir [...]