Bay/Mets divorce good for everyone involved

Mark November 7 on your calendar for years to come: it will forever be known as Bay Day (at least in Mets’ circles). The Mets did the inevitable and finally cut their losses while agreeing to part ways with the much-maligned Jason Bay on Wednesday afternoon. This news comes as great relief for Mets’ fans [...]

Using the past to predict Jason Bay’s future

Since they have not released him, it is apparent that the Mets think Jason Bay has a future. However, it’s impossible for those of us who don’t personally owe him at least $19 million to get that same opinion by watching him in the present. So, the only thing left to do is examine the [...]

Forget milk cartons, look for Jason Bay in the dictionary

There is a rumor that if you look up the phrase “sunk cost” in the dictionary, that there is a picture of Jason Bay next to the entry. That rumor may or may not be true but the sad reality is that Bay is that very thing and his continued presence on the roster is [...]

Ike Davis has been on fire yet Mets still have offensive issues

If at the end of Spring Training, someone had told you that the day before the All-Star break that the Mets were seven games above .500 you probably would not have believed them. And if they told you the Mets would accomplish this with Ike Davis batting .205 with a .669 OPS you would have [...]

How to trade Jason Bay

Jason Bay signed a four-year, $66-million contract with the New York Mets on Dec. 29, 2009, and the deal has been a bust since Day 1. Meet Jason Bay, Then And Now Through 11 years as a major leaguer, Bay has established himself as an everyday left fielder – and emergency center fielder – who [...]

Recent offensive woes highlight the need to upgrade from Jason Bay

Since moving into a tie for first place on June 3rd, the Mets have dropped five of their last six games. Before you start thinking it is a “June Swoon” recall that they have played the Cardinals, Nationals and Yankees in this stretch, three teams with a combined 98-77 (.560) record. It is disappointing, but [...]

Thole, Tejada and Bay can’t come back soon enough

As the Mets sit at 26-21, they are admirably exceeding expectations and staying afloat the standings in the cutthroat NL East. However, if they want to keep it up, they are going to need to ramp up their offense and the return of Josh Thole (concussion), Ruben Tejada (quad strain) and Jason Bay (fractured ribs) [...]

As Jason Bay and Mike Pelfrey hit the DL, Mets fans say so what?

Just as soon as the Mets put Jason Bay (ribs) and Mike Pelfrey (elbow) on the disabled list, the Mets go ahead and win two straight games over the Miami Marlins while also ruining the Jose Reyes homecoming in the process. Everything is right in the world, correct? Not so fast. I’d like to think [...]

Just what if David Wright and Jason Bay rebound in 2012?

With alterations already under way to reconfigure the fences at Citi Field, the Mets are undergoing a facelift with the hopes that it could jump-start a flailing offense. At the crux of the fence alterations is what it could mean to both David Wright and Jason Bay. Wright and Bay have seen their home run [...]