Shoppach making his case to be everyday catcher

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how the next couple of months were going to be critical for Josh Thole and his future with the Mets. What I didn’t know was that the Mets were going to acquire Kelly Shoppach from the Boston Red Sox and really throw a wrench into the [...]

Last two months could be critical for Josh Thole

Josh Thole has been the Mets’ primary catcher for almost two whole years now. So, it begs the question: Where does Thole stand in the Mets' long term plans at catcher moving forward? Let’s call a spade a spade. Thole is at best an average catcher with no discernible skills that separate himself from the [...]

Thole, Tejada and Bay can’t come back soon enough

As the Mets sit at 26-21, they are admirably exceeding expectations and staying afloat the standings in the cutthroat NL East. However, if they want to keep it up, they are going to need to ramp up their offense and the return of Josh Thole (concussion), Ruben Tejada (quad strain) and Jason Bay (fractured ribs) [...]

Brief exposure to Nickeas makes fans clamor for Josh Thole

If you ask most Mets fans which player is struggling the most here recently the two most popular answers would be Andres Torres and Ike Davis. Both are hitting .128 since May 8th, so it’s hard to find fault with either of those answers. However, Mike Nickeas has been performing even worse. Since May 8th, [...]

Should Josh Thole be Dillon Gee’s personal catcher?

One night after Miguel Batista made the Brewers look impotent, the same team knocked around Dillon Gee pretty good, as they notched 7 ER in 5.1 IP against the interjection (h/t Doug Parker). In his last two starts, Gee has allowed 11 ER in 11 IP. For the season Gee has a 5.65 ERA in [...]

Eventful first week for Mets overshadows Josh Thole’s strong play

One week into the season and it seems like a lot has happened for the 2012 Mets. A sweep of the hated Braves, two strong outings from Johan Santana and injuries to Andres Torres and David Wright are some of the things that jump out immediately. One thing that gets lost in the shuffle is [...]

Mets Notes: Capuano’s value, Wright’s double-switch, Thole’s hot bat

Recently news came out that the Red Sox wanted to acquire Chris Capuano but that the Mets turned them down. Now, this was not at the trading deadline – this was in the last few days, meaning they wanted him to make *one* start for them. Yes, their pitching has been that bad. Since September [...]

Should the Mets re-sign Ronny Paulino?

Catching has not been one of the Mets’ strengths this season. When Sandy Alderson signed Ronny Paulino in the offseason, it appeared to be a very good move, as he seemed an ideal platoon mate for Josh Thole. A Thole-Paulino combo looked liked it could give the Mets above-average production for a minimum investment. However, [...]

2011 Mets record by individual games started

The Mets are 62-68 but they have been hit with a ton of injuries again. In fact, I bet you don’t know which player has made the most starts this year for the Mets. Carlos Beltran was leading the team until he got traded. Jose Reyes was leading until he went on the DL for [...]