Did Mets err by picking Mike Pelfrey over Chris Capuano?

Following the 2011 season, the Mets had to make a decision whether to retain the services of two starting pitchers going forward – Chris Capuano and Mike Pelfrey. There were a bunch of factors that went into the decision, not the least of which was that Capuano was a free agent and Pelfrey was arbitration-eligible. [...]

Five reasons the Mets should not re-sign Chris Capuano

One year ago one of the debates surrounding the Mets was what they should do with Angel Pagan (though, it was for extremely different reasons than the current debate). With Carlos Beltran also on the roster someone was going to have to move. Pagan was also coming off a career year, so you had to [...]

Whatever happened to Hisanori Takahashi?

This time last year one of the big player personnel moves facing the Mets was what to do with Hisanori Takahashi. It was complicated due to Rule 8(i)(2), which made it necessary for the Mets to sign him by Halloween. And if you recall, the Mets had just fired their general manager and had yet [...]

Chris Capuano’s 2011 season: A success?

With one more expected start to go, Chris Capuano will accomplish something no one ever thought possible at the beginning of the season: Make more than 30 stars and finish the season healthy. That in of itself is a major accomplishment. However, Capuano has been like most of the other Mets’ pitchers these days: inconsistent [...]

Mets Notes: Capuano’s value, Wright’s double-switch, Thole’s hot bat

Recently news came out that the Red Sox wanted to acquire Chris Capuano but that the Mets turned them down. Now, this was not at the trading deadline – this was in the last few days, meaning they wanted him to make *one* start for them. Yes, their pitching has been that bad. Since September [...]

What do the 2011 Mets lack in SP?

Entering the 2011 season one of the biggest question marks was how the Mets’ SP were going to do with Johan Santana on the shelf. Would the team be able to handle not having an ace? There were other concerns about the starters, too. Could Chris Capuano and Chris Young stay healthy and regain their [...]

Capuano makes case to stay in rotation

The Mets have received strong pitching performances recently. With four of the five starting pitchers you can point to a definite start where they turned things around. For the fifth pitcher, we’ll just pick the start that fits best. Here are their before and after numbers: Before After R.A. Dickey 1-5, 5.08 2-2, 2.23 Jonathon [...]

Mets Notes: Capuano’s value and extra-base hits

It’s easy to overlook with his 4-6 record and 4.86 ERA but Chris Capuano has been a nice addition to the Mets’ staff. In his last 10 games, including nine starts, Capuano has a 3.98 ERA and is giving the Mets a chance to win nearly every time out. Not surprisingly, the only run he [...]

Amid the rubble, Collins shows he’s no Manuel

When a man’s right, he’s right. Terry Collins finally had one of the meltdowns for which he’s so famous on Wednesday night (6/1). Who could blame him? In a game which took on an all-too-familiar pattern, the Mets got outstanding starting pitching from Chris Capuano for six innings, then drowned in two feet of water [...]

Predictions for the 2011 Mets

My first go round at Opening Day predictions at Mets360 did not go so well. So, I could go one of several ways: A. Try to make “easy” predictions to make me look good in hindsight. B. Make off the wall assertions and when one of them came true, trumpet the fact that I picked [...]