Should the Mets have extended Francisco Rodriguez?

One of the main goals of the 2011 Mets was to make sure that Francisco Rodriguez’ $17.5 million option did not vest for 2012. The option would kick in once Rodriguez finished 55 games. Manager Terry Collins utilized Rodriguez like any other manager would use his closer and by the All-Star break, Rodriguez had finished [...]

Mets’ Season Can Still Be Called A Success

I’m a fan. I’d like to think I’m a realistic, objective fan, but I know I border on being a fanboy. The Mets are my team and I root for them come hell or low wins. They say love is blind and in the world of the fanboy, it’s also deaf and dumb. I teeter [...]

Jason Bay < Francoeur and it's time for him to go

In his last 13 games, Jason Bay is 5-45 for a .111 AVG. Normally we would dismiss this as a slump. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to write off the entire tenure of Bay with the Mets. Since joining the club as a free agent following the 2009 season, Bay has a .246/.332/.366 line. That’s [...]

Is Carlos Beltran next to be traded?

We’re all thinking it. With the Mets trading combustible closer Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod) on Wednesday to the Milwaukee Brewers in an obvious salary dump, Mets’ fans are probably waiting for the other shoe to drop. The shoe in this case would be Carlos Beltran. So, are the Mets on the verge of trading their All-Star [...]

Francisco Rodriguez deal signifies the end of an era

Early this morning the Mets got out from a big 2012 contractual obligation by trading Francisco Rodriguez and cash to the Milwaukee Brewers for two players to be named later. The cash they sent will essentially cover the remainder of Rodriguez’ 2011 contract. The Brewers will be responsible for either Rodriguez’ 2012 salary or his [...]

Speculating possible Mets All-Stars

With all the talk in Mets land being dominated by the voice and opinion of embattled owner Fred Wilpon, let’s take a diversion and talk about what’s happening on the field. While the ire of Wilpon’s angst can be understood, the targets he took shots at coincidentally might turn out to be All-Stars this year. [...]

Revamped Mets pen leads to 5-game win streak

One of the keys to Tuesday’s victory over the Nationals was the work of the bullpen. Mets relievers went 4.1 IP and allowed 1 ER and picked up both the win (Ryota Igarashi) and the save (Francisco Rodriguez). Considered by some to be the weak point of the team, the bullpen has been an asset [...]

Francisco Rodriguez on his batting approach

"I knew I wasn't going to strike out looking," Francisco Rodriguez said of his plate appearance. "He had some good swings," Ike Davis said. "You could tell he was inexperienced at the plate, but he wasn't scared." Saturday Rodriguez had his first at-bat in his 10-year major league career. He struck out swinging. Source: New [...]

Mets get save; no game finished for Rodriguez

Two games into the season, the Francisco Rodriguez games-finished watch is officially underway. Saturday night,Rodriguez was brought in to close out a 3-2 game but gave up a run and the game went into extra innings. The Mets put up three runs in the top of the 10th and Rodriguez was the eighth batter of [...]

Predictions for the 2011 Mets

My first go round at Opening Day predictions at Mets360 did not go so well. So, I could go one of several ways: A. Try to make “easy” predictions to make me look good in hindsight. B. Make off the wall assertions and when one of them came true, trumpet the fact that I picked [...]