Is Scott Kazmir really an option for the Mets?

When Mets fans hear the name “Scott Kazmir” a lot of emotions are felt. Some get depressed, some get confused, some get carpal tunnel, I for one get that feeling that comes right after I’m done throwing up everything I’ve  put into your body for the past two weeks. Even now looking at where Kazmir [...]

For the Mets, .500 Is Step One

Since their 3-1 start to the season, the Mets have scraped the .500 mark twice: on May 20 at Yankee Stadium, and then last night (6/15) in soggy Atlanta. That’s a couple of pretty fair ballclubs, isn’t it? It’s not like they bulldozed the Mudville Nine to get there: they did it at two of [...]

Perez Deal Is No Kazmir Trade

Just like us regular folk, Major League Baseball teams look towards the winter months for something special. The only difference is your mother would be happy with a $50 sweater and the Red Sox spent $20.3 million a year for Carl Crawford. Now it’s common knowledge the New York Mets don’t have much financial flexibility [...]

Mets’ all-time 25 and under traded team

Since giving away Scott Kazmir in an ill-advised push to make the playoffs in 2004, the Mets have been very careful about trading away young talent. Still, you can make up a pretty good team of players the Mets have dealt away before they hit their prime. This article considers those players traded up to [...]

Jose Bautista and the ’04 Deadline Deals

Say the date June 15, 1977 to any Mets fan over the age of 40 and you will undoubtedly see a pained expression crawl over his face.  For the uninitiated, that is the day the Mets traded both Tom Seaver and Dave Kingman.  For younger fans, the closest they can come is July 30, 2004.  [...]

Mets Rewind: July 30

Here's what happened on this day in New York Mets history: 1973: New York Mets released Jerry May. 1988: Sid Fernandez pitches seven shutout innings, striking out 12 and giving up four hits in a 3-0 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was the second straight day the Mets shutout the Pirates. 2001: New York [...]