Mets Card of the Week: 7-11 Keith Hernandez

1984 7-11 KEITH HERNANDEZ Here's a little relic from the Renaissance... In the summer of '84, 7-11 sealed these plastic coins in the base of Slurpee cups. If you shook an empty cup, you could hear the disc rattle around like a knock-hockey puck. The fronts of the coins feature a dual “flicker” image that [...]

Keith Hernandez on David Wright’s troubles

Note: The following exchange took place during Tuesday's game against the Rockies, starting with David Wright's strikeout in the top of the third inning and going on into the bottom of the third. Hernandez: "Fastball away, he can’t reach it. David has a hard time covering that outside corner. Ralph (Kiner, who was in the [...]

Mets Rewind: July 4

Here's what happened on this day in New York Mets history: 1978: New York Mets sold Butch Metzger to the Philadelphia Phillies. 1985: In a marathon game that borders on the surreal, the Mets endure two rain delays and six hours and ten minutes of playing time to beat the Braves 16-13 in 19 innings. [...]