Having fun with ESPN projected numbers for the Mets

ESPN has a fun feature where it takes a player’s current stats and uses them to project what a player will do for the rest of the season. It’s not meant to be taken seriously but it’s a nice thing to have when you wonder what a player will do if he keeps up his current pace. It’s especially meaningless right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at it and have a little fun. Here are some things that jump out to me after three games:

Frank Francisco is on pace to save 162 games – pretty sure this would be a record!
Lucas Duda will have 108 HR and 108 RBIs – no doubt he would get roasted for never coming through with runners on base.
David Wright will finish with 324 hits and 162 walks yet only score 54 runs – Ike must be hitting into a whole bunch of DPs
Jason Bay will not get an extra-base hit all season – and the cynics out there are saying this one could come true.
R.A. Dickey will throw 324 IP – hey Wilbur Wood used to do it all of the time when I was a kid
Jonathon Niese will give up 216 BB – the things you can get away with when you hold opponents to a .095 AVG
Johan Santana will get 54 starts – he’s got to make up those missing 33 from last year at some point, right?
Josh Thole will get 54 doubles in 108 games – and people will still complain about his defense because he gives up some passed balls when Dickey’s on the mound.
Ike Davis will play 162 games and fail to get an RBI – and fans will still boo Bay more.
Daniel Murphy will log 702 ABs – imagine how many he would get if he didn’t come out early for defense?
Ruben Tejada will post 216 Hits – 12 more than Reyes ever got in a single season.


The Mets will try to move to 4-0 when they host Washington in the first of a three-game series Monday night. If they win, they would tie the 2007 and 1973 squads for the second-most wins to open a season with in franchise history. The longest winning streak to start a season was produced by the 1985 Mets, who went 5-0.

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  1. Dan Stack
    April 11, 2012 at 4:19 am

    I gotta admit, those were pretty funny.

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