Curtis Granderson: The lone bright spot

Flores GrandersonIt’s no secret that the Mets offense has been terrible for the better part of the season, and that deficiency has only been magnified over the past few weeks. In the past seven games entering play Thursday, the Mets hit .193/.278/.278 as a team, with a .249 wOBA.  That’s an almost historically bad week at the plate.

What’s worse, is that that includes the 3-3 with a double performance from Steven Matz in his Major League debut.  The lone saving grace of the Mets offense this week was the much-maligned Curtis Granderson.

Granderson had one of his best weeks as a Met, hitting .370/.433/.667, clubbing two home runs in the process. His recent streak of success has lifted his season totals to .254/.349/.436 with 13 home runs and a .345 wOBA.

Given the vitriol that Granderson has garnered over his Mets career he is putting together a solid season, and on the list of Mets problems he should not even be an afterthought. As we’ve seen this week, there are far greater issues to deal with than Granderson not fully living up to the $60 million contract he signed.

So in a silver lining in what has become yet another unbearable stretch of Mets baseball, Granderson’s hot streak has saved the team from being an even bigger offensive disaster.  The activation of Daniel Murphy from the disabled list should add some form of punch, but it likely won’t be enough to bail out the Mets’ ship as it sinks.

4 comments for “Curtis Granderson: The lone bright spot

  1. Eric
    July 3, 2015 at 9:23 am

    Don’t think anyone said he was the main problem. You’re indulging in revisionist history. Fact of the matter is on a team with such finite financal resources, we are stuck with a guy for the next 2 years who’s productivity will most likely continue to decline. I still maintain it was an ill advised signing despite the recent hot streak. Cuddyer just proves the risk involved in signing aging stars.

  2. jeff posner
    July 3, 2015 at 9:37 am

    grandersons not the problem alderson is anyone who is so rude to the fan base schould be given his walking papers along with fred coupon wilpon

  3. James Preller
    July 3, 2015 at 9:58 am

    Vitriol? I haven’t seen that directed at Curtis.

    Doug Sisk, yes.

    Sandy Alderson, I wish. (I’m just glad that most of the lame & lazy Frank Cashen comparisons have stopped.)

    In fact, though some may question the wisdom of the Granderson contract (I was somewhat reluctantly in favor of it at the time, even though I expected Year 4 to be disastrous: Hey, they needed professional ballplayers, and still do), Curtis Granderson is generally well-liked as a player and a person.

    But I agree, he’s been okay this season. Though misused because, in addition to never getting around to replacing his SS, Sandy Alderson doesn’t seem to believe that table-setters are necessary either. Folks can argue that Granderson is the best available leadoff man, just as Tejada might be the best available SS, but that doesn’t make either well-suited to the task.

  4. Patrick Albanesius
    July 3, 2015 at 11:43 pm

    Up until extremely recently people on this very site have been complaining about Granderson. That’s not revisionist history, that’s facts.

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