Seth Maness undergoes new elbow surgery procedure

Maness is a week away from returning to the mound and expects to be ready for opening day, just 7½ months after surgery, because Dr. George Paletta performed a repair that could eventually prove to be an alternative to Tommy John surgery for select big-league pitchers.

The article has a lot about the new procedure and is worth reading.

Maness doesn’t strike many people out. But he’s an extreme ground ball pitcher who doesn’t walk many batters. And according to the article, from 2013-15 he led all relievers in inherited runners stranded. He’s more of a sixth/seventh inning guy than an eighth/ninth inning guy but if he’s healthy he’s a viable bullpen arm.

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  1. Name
    January 22, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Guess it sort of applies, but Hefner retired. I wonder if this could have helped him.

    He’s probably the worst statistical pitcher that i liked.

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