For Wilmer Flores, the New York Mets are the only thing that he has ever known in the United States of America. Well, that and famed 90’s sitcom Friends. The Venezuelan native signed with the team at an age where teens in New Jersey earn their driving permit, 16. He cried on the field when he thought he was going to be traded, and he hit a walk off home run just a few days later to cement his place in Mets lore forever. The Mets will be selling at this year’s trade deadline, and Flores is a name that is circulating around the rumor mills currently.

To trade Flores would be a mistake for this team to make. At the very basis of arguing against this trade, the raw emotion that comes with the idea is simply heart-breaking. I have never seen a player love his home franchise more than Flores loves the Mets. The fact that he loves being on this team is still amazing. The loyalty that he has displayed for the Mets has been simply out of this world. He has played in every position that his manager has asked him to, which is extremely commendable considering that a player in the very same locker room, Asdrubal Cabrera requested a trade last season after being put at a position that he didn’t want to play. Although he later rescinded the request, it still puts a little bit of a stain on his tenure with the organization. With the way that the bullpen has been performing, I wouldn’t be surprised if manager Mickey Callaway put Flores on the mound for some relief work.

In addition to the way that Flores has embedded himself within the Mets organization, there is also of course the value that he brings on the playing field. Flores is arguably the most clutch player in Major League Baseball. A good way to measure this is by looking at walk-off RBIs. Since 2014, Flores has nine walk-off RBIs, which puts him at first across all of baseball. The players directly below him? Josh Donaldson with seven, and Bryce Harper and Albert Pujols tied with six. His ability to hit in the clutch whether he is in the starting lineup or coming off the bench is rare, and should be coveted by the Mets.

I am not saying that the Mets should start Wilmer Flores every day at a certain position. In fact, I think that he brings more value to the team coming off of the bench to pinch hit or to perform in spot starts than he does being an every day starter. Who wouldn’t want a clutch player to be able to come off of the bench in the late innings like Flores can? He is at his best when he is making spot starts for guys around the infield (preferably the first base side) and providing hits at the right moments.

Of course, he is heating up at the right time. At the time this article was authored, Flores extended his hitting streak to a career-high 11 games, making him that much more appealing in a trade scenario. He would be a great fit for a team looking for help off the bench. They say that baseball is a business, but could they really rip a man from what all that he’s known in terms of professional baseball in America just for a lower chip prospect? Flores says that he still wants to stay, so I say we keep the heart and soul of this franchise where he belongs: in Mets blue and orange.

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  • Eraff

    With 4-5 man benches, A rh first base only “platoon player” offers very little..:: unless you believe he’s a full time first baseman

    I believe he has value as an AL player—Dh/1b

    Let’s not debate whether he can play any of the other infield positions—- the baseball team and baseball men who know him best have determined that he cannot, even while they have needed that versatility from him

    Dalton—- I’m removing you from your responsibility as General Manager. Your emotional decisions are ruining the team. Maybe you should just write on some blog somewhere—- you’re a good writer

    Thank you for your service 😉

    • Mike Walczak

      This is funny. I like Flores as well, but he is one dimensional and the comments that Eraff made are spot on. Flores is better suited for the AL.

      I would rather have a utility player who is more athletic and plays better defense.

      Dalton, it seems like you have a man crush on Flores.

      Like Eraff said, thanks for your service.

    • Madman

      Package Wilmer and Wheeler (sound familiar?) and try to get back a 1B or real CFer.

  • bananaman

    I have always loved Wilmer. He seems to come up big in big moments with his bat. I was also in this “keep Wilmer at all costs” camp, but now I have changed my mind. He is atrocious in the field and will cost us games. Last night was another good example with that horrible throw home. Mesoraco bailed him out with a great play, otherwise he would have cost us a run. I am sure Wilmer is a great kid and I appreciate his love for the Mets, but he is what he is, a DH. Trade him to the AL and let him not have to worry about his subpar defense

    • Chris F

      Mesoraco did make a nice play on that…but the real hero was the ump, who called him out. I think if ht original call was safe, it would not have been overturned. He looked safe to me. That was what, a 75′ throw? And this is the person you want at 1B?

      I ask all the “In love with Flores types” — we hear how really he is not an every day player. But just how much money do you want to pay Flores to be a bench guy? What kind of contract do you offer him? How many millions to sit on the bench? Would he be inclined to sign an extension to be a bench guy? Makes no sense to me.

  • Richard Holmes

    I, too, have an emotional attachment to Wilmer and there is no-one I would rather have in the clutch than him. With that being said, he clogs up the bases with his “piano on his back” speed and he really can’t play a strong enough defense, besides first base, for my liking. The difficulty is the glut of potential everyday first basemen in the system. Do you trade Alonso and Smith to keep Wilmer? Maybe but that would be an unpopular decision with the media who are now clamoring for Alonso (Smith is no longer the flavor of the month). I would be crestfallen if the Mets traded Wilmer but this is a business and he may have to go.

  • TJ

    A modern day Eddie Kranepool, if you will. But, that was when the 25 man roster had 15 or so position players.

    So, if rosters expand to 27, I’m in. If not, I’ll have to agree with Eraff.

  • Pete from NJ

    Wilmer’s scenario reminds me of Daniel Murphy. All the blemishes are displayed and we complain. We complain when the young Wilmer is placed as the starting shortstop. We complain that he has slow feet. We complain that in yesterday’s game he does his Luca Duda impression.

    Yet the guy performs as needed. So we’re biased because he comes through in the clutch and we all need someone to love.

    Does he have trade value in the coming three weeks? I’ll miss you Wilmer.

  • Michael

    You are preaching to the choir here. WF has been my favorite Met since that tearful night against the Nats. I don’t many of his teammates actually want to be here. He has a solid bat and a short swing that isn’t going into prolonged slumps. His fielding is adequate and he has his warts —like that lollipop throw to the plate last night. However, in a pinch for 1-2 games, he can play all IF positions.
    Pete from NJ is right—all we do is complain about his shortcomings. Funny, we did the same thing to Murph—-too slow, iron hands, doesn’t think on the field, we need a strong defensive middle of the IF, can’t run the bases…………well I wish he was still wearing blue and orange.

    • TexasGusCC

      Michael, two months ago I wrote to someone here that with Murphy in his last year, I could see Flores being the next Nationals second baseman. Everyone here laughs, but is Cabrera really better with his lack of range? So, while everyone scoffs at Wilmer now, they will remember him. Problem with Mets fans is, they want perfect players. Ok, good luck.

      • Chris F

        likelihood of Flores being the Nationals (you mean the MLB team, right?) 2B is 1:1,000,000,000,000, which I think is an oversell.

  • Pete in Iowa

    I would agree that Flo is undeniably a Met through and through. But, in reality, what is that truly worth?
    Look at last night’s game. He very nearly threw the game away with whatever that lollipop was he “threw” from 75 feet away in the ninth. True, he did make a pair of good plays earlier in the game. In the field, it seems all he is only good at is catching grounders — only when he can get to them and he comes up with the proper instinct to put himself in the correct position to make the play to begin with. His throwing is among the worst I’ve seen from a big league infielder and it’s been that way his entire career. His throws from third this season and last were ridiculous.
    Yep, he can hit some. But he is not a complete player. Don’t forget, he can’t run a lick either. (Can’t believe they sent him to a sure death at the plate last night on Frazier’s double).
    If this club is going to be serious about building a solid club from top to bottom, we simply have to move guys who are not complete players. With all of the pitchers carried on the roster, each bench spot is crucial. Harsh but true.

  • Madman

    Gee whiz,the guy has no position,he kills you wherever he plays. His bat is above average but not good enough to make up for the glove,especially on a team based on pitching and especially playing a hitters position,first base!

    • Michael

      Same thing was said about Murph. LF, 2B, 1B, ??? Let’s hope Gary doesn’t label Wilmer a “net negative”. That would put a curse on it for sure.

  • Chris F

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if manager Mickey Callaway put Flores on the mound for some relief work.”

    Me thinks we have already seen that.

  • Pete from NJ

    Sellers remorse if Wilmer goes. I ask everyone: when The Murph comes up to the plate how does one feel? If Wilmer goes I certainly hope it’s to an AL team so he doesn’t ruin our game!

  • Edwin Pena

    I vote for Pete from NJ as new GM….LOL…he is sooo right on about Wilmer with the comparison to Murphy.
    All we ever did as Mets fans is complain and squawk about Murph > poor D, slow, cannot run bases, mental lapses, on and on. I know he has been hurt this year, but D Murph was an All Star and a Met killer with Nats. He was reason # 1 the Mets got hot in the 2015 playoffs. All he does is rake and be a good teammate, sound familiar ? Yes, that is Wilmer too. Keep Flores ! He can play 1B until one of those rooks take the job away, which it does not appear they will anytime soon. Dom Smith is lost at this level, and now the new fellow Alonso, everyone is so quick to anoint up to the majors, is whiffing and blowing in AAA. Chillout sirs and madams !
    Let WF play first and leave it at that right now.
    To trade him for a bag of peanuts or a tuna sandwich ? Why ? He is clutch and a fan fave.
    That is far more than most of the stiffs the team has on the roster.

    • Mike Walczak

      I think Wilmer could find his real role in the bullpen.

  • Chris F

    Trade value heroics? Will someone put the blinders on for a playoff run?

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